BC and Calgary

Should we be scared of Calgary? Or should we feel good? Seeing BC may not be as good as last year.

I wouldn't be worried at least when we're home against them. Burris can't help but be thrown off his game in Rider land!

I think the lions are in for a few years of rebuilding and will duke it out for second/third with the riders this year. Calgary will be the team to beat this year in the West and I would look forward to a Rider Stamp Western Final when all is said and done. ( sorry Esk fans )

Never really got a good look at Calgary's defence. If they are improved to the point where they are not one of the bottom 2 in the league then Calgary will be a very tough team.

I was expecting BC to win, but they did not have a great pre-season. Maybe BC won't be as dominating as in past years! Wonder if Pierce's injury could limit his play this year.

Clermont took a hell of a hit as well. I was concerned, it sucks to get taken out of the first game of the year. Get a load of Rambo, he looks faster than last year. And what about the reception he pulled off, where the ball popped loose, but they called it a completion? They obviously tweaked some calls, should make for some high scoring games if that's the case.

I called Calgary to win. Im not sold on either BC QB at all.

BC looked like crap. Calgary looked good, but its to early to tell if they are for real. But they looked very good.

I have to agree, both qb's looked horrible, especially Jackson. Its hard to believe that they had such a good year last year. This shows that there is hope for the Riders without an allstar qb

Pierce actually had a good game: 9 of 14 for 160 and a TD. The problem with him is health.

The problem was the Offensive line allowed too many sacks.(5 I think). I wasn't impressed with Jackson in there.

I don't think Jackson will ever be a good starter... Funny, RLR was claiming last season that Jackson was better than half the other starters in the league.

You guys need a healthy Pierce.