BC @ Al's

Good opening drive for BC. Let's see what Al's have with this new QB

How in the hell was that roughing the passer? :roll:

...crap, I forgot and half my daughter's Jeep front end is spread out across the driveway....

nice non call on the face mask

CP is fragile

That's what I thought, Printers has a case, but no can do.

I guess so...

I hope this game picks up. I only get to watch two games this weekend: Tonight's, and the Monday game. Saturday and Sunday I have the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Let's go, Montreal and BC! Light it up! :lol:

It would be nice if Rod Black would stop talking

BC recovered a fumble on a short yardage play....gotto go and get my Lotto ticket

Well, that fumble was probably the most inteesting play in the game so far.


The PJ catch was better

Look again, no face mask... real interference on Richardson in the end zone though...

"...was brought down by a swarm of Lions."

Shouldn't that be a PRIDE of Lions? Just sayin'.

Pride of Lions
Party of Eskimos
Herd of Stampeders
Posse of Roughriders
Squadron of Blue Bombers
Pounce of Tiger-Cats
Crew of Argonauts
Brace of Allouettes

Group of Rough Riders from Ottawa

It annoys me how every player is at the first down marker. #84 was a clear two yards ahead of the marker, but according to Black he was just at the marker. :roll:

He definitely needs to stop talking... and these teams need to remember how to play football. :x

It could be worse, Suitor could be beside him !

Let's not go there

Wouldn't it be a Platoon of Rough Riders? Except there will probably not be another team named that.

Come to think of it, the Als could also be called an Exultation of Allouettes, since that's the term for Skylarks. A brace is for a group of any type of game bird.

Parris Jackson...forgot we still had him...

An actual TD...holy shit!