BC 1st place glory

On a positive note, congratulations to the BC Lions for finishing 1st in the tougher western division with a little help from Calgary friends. Well deserved bye week for the only team with 12 wins in CFL. Being division leaders, Toronto and BC are the envy of 7 other teams. No respect for biased toads who belittle their accomplishments. Other fans may disagree but BC and Toronto have great chances to play again in the grey cup game.

The next 3 weeks in the CFL are going to be Fantastic. Anyone of the 6 teams could win the Grey Cup. I believe the CFL is more fun to watch than the NFL and this season will once again prove this. I just hope the Lions can find their early season form so they don't get blown out by Calgary in the West Division Final. Could be a Calgary vs Saskatchwan final.

Yeah, we "backed" into first....Actually, wrong term...Hung onto.

Can't figure this team out. Besides a very suspect O-line, our offense has lacked production the last couple of games. With BC and Edmonton being inconsistant, both better be careful of the Stamps.

While excited about the Western Final at BC Place, I'm not doing cartwheels over our play!

Not at all, and after having been at the game on Sat, I do not believe the O-line is the problem anymore. Neither is it the QBs or the recievers. It’s the overall scheme that is being played, and it just isn’t working. Every team has it figured out, and unless something dramatic changes in the next two weeks, I can’t see the Leos making the GC this year.

hwgill, what bothers me is usually if something isn't working, you can see it and point it out. This Leos team this year has me baffled to what is wrong. I hope they snap out of their "funk" and get back playing the football that got them there in the first 11 games!

need to stop the off field drama...pick a quarterback and stick with him, sure they were both not 100% throughout the season...but i would hope that printers gets the green light for the western final and hopefully the grey cup!!! his passes need to be sharper, but dickenson holds onto the ball way too long these days...

I don’t think that the Lions deserved first place at all, both Calgary and Edmonton have been more consistent throughout the year.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope its Printers starting for western finals!!!! and we'd better make it to the grey cup since its gonna be a Vancouver!!!!!! GO BC! But I think Priniters should have played more this season....Although Dickenson has done pretty well...

Calgary & Edmonton have been consistent? :lol:

Consistently losing except for the last half dozen games is more like it. No team has gone 11 straight wins except for the Leos. The Leos deserve this just as much as any other team in the league.

Consistant? What are you watching? You played us well in September and beat us, then you go to Hamilton and get bounced by the Ti-Cats. Calgary got off to a slow start and turned it on down the stretch. They are CURRENTLY the hottest team in the league, (6-1....I beleive down the stretch) Edmonton and BC are better teams on paper, But as Calgary showd you guys and Saskatchewan showd us, being a good team on paper doesn't mean a thing on the field.

i think you are wright they [probebly will meet in the gray cup

I think the lions desrve first because they have more wins than anybody elese in the league, but if you look at the way they have been playing no, can i ask you a question if the canucks were playing this bad before the playoffs would you still support them because it sounds like you have no support for the lions.And are you goin to the western final?

Oh, I support them.....Just wish they'd get it together because other than Winnipeg, they haven't been geting it together at all!

hwgill...I want to address your last post:

First, while I'm new to the board today I've followed the team back to the old days of losing while sitting with my little brother in the end zone seats @ Empire Stadium in the poaring rain.

Being located in the interior of BC now, means I seldom make it to games. As well, all of the yrs. (save a few in the early 60's) I've been a fan of the Lions while living away from the lower mainland in two provinces.
To be honest I don't find it that easy to follow the happenings on the field while sitting in the stands in any event.
Last game in person was in Calgary when the Leo's sipped from the Grey Cup to end a season in which they sucked.

Now to the meat of the matter.

How can a team so steeped in talent appear so hell bent on self destruction?

On this note I believe you've hit the nail squarly on the head.

It's difficult at best to quantify the degree to which some of the several misfortunes...(injuries to impact players, Tony Tiller having to do too for much for a rookie, some key untimely penalties to name a few) have impacted the Lions play.

Perhaps if Walley could do it again, he may not go with an all Canadian offensive line but I do understand he has to get the most out of his imports and they should be in positions that are arguably most key to the team's success.

I see things like:
Nothing wrong with the long ball to stretch the opposition D, but as the middle opens, the linebackers play softer, Antonio Warren becomes more of a viable option along with passes into the flat, why doesn't Chapdelaine' direct his offense to exploit these opportunities.

See that both QB's are now grounding the ball rather than give up huge field position as was the case with Mighty Dave to start the yr.

The Game plan doesn't appear to match up well with the strengths and weaknesses of both teams on the field. Unlike his predecessor, Chapdelaine' looks to lack the creativity necessary to pull off those home run plays that will bust a game open and get momentum on the BC side of the ball.

While in sport the bench boss takes a back seat and to the inexperienced eye his contribution is difficult to see, however I'm almost enclined to bet the rider before I'll bet the horse in most sporting events.
Who's to blame when a defense allowes just 13 points to be scored by the opposition and the offense is totally enept.

And this is what happens when all the plays called come from the bench...and no, it's not all execution.

What glory? There is 12 days left of the Lions' season.

Bob ackles said on team 1040 about an hour ago said thaT WE ARE AT 26,000 SOLD ALREADY 2000 AHEAD FROM LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME HE IS EXPECTING AT LEAST 50.000 BUT WANTS A SELL OUT SO LETS FILL IT UP 11 DAYS LEFT