BC ?-0


Can I go for none of the above?

Way to give us lots of choices. The answer is Saskatchewan

It will be the bombers.

The answer is Saskatchewan??? HAHAHAHAHAHA... thats a good one... i know you want to believe in your team and all... but come on... be a little more realistic... have you seen the way Sask. has played the last few weeks??... not good enough to knock off the best team in the league... not even close

I think the best and maybe only chances for beating the Lions will be either in Edm. sept. 24th..... or during the 4 games in 18 days stretch in October in either Edm. or in Mtl.... other thatn those 3 games... i don't see any team good enough to beat the Lions

Seems in the time it took me to write this someone put in the Bombers... i hope that was a joke... other wise i'll have to laugh even harder than i did when it was suggested that it would be Sask.

I say at this current time Saskatchewan has the best chance of giving them their first loss on August 27th. Greene has always played well against BC sweeping the season series in 2003. I know the past means nothing but I honestly like Greene's chances of winning the ball game.

riders?? are you insane?

Um no.

Gades....or Als.........lol Hamilton might catch you on an off night. The way B.C lets every team back in the game, its only a matter of time till someone beats them....and Saskatchewan isn't a long shot to beat them.

.......BC has an amazing amount of talent but a great deal of LUCK won them a W last night, that sort of luck can't last forever...........and if you don't think it was how do you lions fans explain a Calgary 21 BC 7 second half score?, Sask probably has as good a chance as anyone...........my bet is edmonton, but you never know........

Redandwhite , BC actually scored more than 7 points in the second half. Offically it was 8 but in realtiy it was 14 , there is absolutely no way DD was across the line of scrimmage on the disallowed touchdown. They stopped it on the exact farme where the ball left his hand and he was clearly behind the line with out any doubt. The guys on TSN agreed that it was a bs call , so they did really score one more TD instead of the one point. His feet came down past , but that was after the ball was long gone. Blown call.
Besides when teams are way behind they usually do play on the edge to catch up , the opposite of the team with the big lead. Had the Lions been behind they would have pulled the stops also, instead of playing ballcontrol and prevent.

yeah it's not hard to move a ball when the defence just sits everyone back 20 - 25 yards in a prevent defence... not that i agree that they should have played that way... but they did... hence Calgary moved the ball well against them... notice how in the first half though when it was still close the defence played tighter and harder and caused turnovers and kept the Calgary offence quiet..

.......oops, I missed the one, was just looking at majors.......but the scorecard still says 21 to 8 in quarters 3 and 4......and the prevent D does just what it's name says, prevents big scores but give up yards, 21 points is not good prevent D, 21 points is plain old bad D, just like the stamp D showed in the first half..........Blown Call?!, geez, you'd have thunk you lost, would you like gouda or edam with that whine?.......and if we're counting disallowed TDs, how 'bout giving us the on-side kick from last year then, c'mon penny, you can't count DDs 'supposed' TD as any points other than 1........at least not until we get video-replay.........

..........but I sound like I'm starting to whine too, so I'll reel in the emotions and turn vulcan 'til next game........

RedandWhite, I fail to see how the Lions 'got lucky' against the Stamps last night. The Lions caused some of the turnovers that happened, which I do not see as luck. In fact, they were unlucky that the Dickenson TD strike where he 'crossed the line' was called off. The score flattered the Stamps last night. The game was never really in doubt for the Leos.

.....you got lucky by our crappy play in the first half and a bad bad stupid penalty taken by calixte........the score did not flatter the stamps, your team was beaten soundly in the second half and the only time the leos was truly safe was with about 30 seconds left to play........

Everyone can continue to bitch about the Lions success, but the team will just keep on winning. Hopefully we get lucky again next game because this team obviously has no skill, right? I don't think I've ever seen a 7-0 team in any sport be called lucky. You know what they say: " You have to be good to be lucky, and you have to be lucky to be good"

.......why are we in two strings?......I'm taking it all over to the other one....and the quote you noted is exactly what I meant, it wasn't totally based on luck, that would be naive and stupid to say, and that's not what I meant.......

LUCK, is part of all sports.As is bad REFFING.But we all play with the same REFS.

Defenses causing fumbles, is what defense is all about.

I'll take the w and the 2 pts. but it SHOULD have been a blowout. That's the Lions fault - enough of the prevent defence. Burris is definately a scary Q.B. to defend against. If he was as smart as D.D. he would IM be the best Q.B. in the league. If he was still in Sask. things would look a lot better for our Rider friends right now.