Bauman's future

Chris has come under much criticism since he was drafted and much of it may be warranted. I would like to hear what people think about his future with the Cats. I think fans expected him to be the next Fantuz and that's clearly a stretch, but when I see Getzlaf turning into a clutch Canadian reciever it makes me wonder how long the team will wait to see Bauman develop of just cut ties. Grant and Stala are not long-term solutions as NI receivers, but maybe Matt Carter and Darcy Brown can be the guys. Thoughts?

I have been made several critical assessments regading Chris Baumans play. The only thing that he has improved upon from last year is blocking. Route running and catching has been substandard. Here is case where the team has given Chris all the time in the world to learn the systems and show the team what he is made of. If I may suggest he needs to nut up or shut up.

This may be a simple case of him wanting to play near home or just another CIS wonder who does not have what it takes to reach the pro level. One thing I did notice that he has bulked up from his first year here so it looks like he trying to make some adjustments physically. He needs to make the mental adjutments and run crisp patterns and catch the fricking ball.

I believe he will be gone in the off season.

Out of curiosity, how is it that fans are able to evaluate a player's "route running" - unless you actually have a copy of the playbook?? (i.e. maybe he was told to run an 8-yard curl even though you would have preferred to see him go 12 yards.)

Bauman is ok but I don't see him improving much over what he is today, a guy with some size and speed but who can't make the tough catches consistently. I think this should've been his breakout year but he didn't come close to that (although that wasn't entirely his fault). He'll stay because he's a non-import and doesn't hurt the team.

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Don't get me started on the play calling. Five yard outs do not stretch the oponents defence. I don't need a play book to understand that Bauman runs a high school pattern. I can not think of any time this year Bauman has gone deep and beat his man with speed or physical play. Or for that matter caught the ball on a regular and consistent basis. Canadian or not the guy needs to improve huge or release him.

If the other teams are able to find them then there is no frickin excuse I will accept for Hamilton to have quality canadain receivers either. This substandard player quality has to stop. Hay Obie remember
" Better is Better" or is it?????????????????????????????????????????

How many catches do you guys expect a 5th receiver to get, when the 1st , 2nd, and third Guy,s are dropping half of their op,s . which leads to punts. Buaman has made several key first down catches this season and with him being primarily a blocker in the system , he is actually having a good season , if he was used as a go to reciever he may want to stay in Hamilton :oops:

Does anyone know his contract status? He may choose to leave if his deal expires afer this year.

I think he is under contract until the end of next season. I'm quite sure he won't be an FA after this season.

Alligator arms is at it again.

Another crucial drop

Just made a big play. Like Duane says "let's see more of that".

I agree 100% I want more!

That drive-killing drop on 2nd down hurt, likely costs us at least 3 points.

But he did catch one to make it 1st and goal.

Still, he MUST be more consistent.

The tale will be told at training camp 2010, IMHO. Matt Carter could very easily supplant Bauman if he cannot consistently make plays and avoid drops.Time will tell. Sooner than later.

Oski Wee Wee,



...sadly I think Chris has to go, via relkease or trade.
He just doesn't add any dimension to our team the way it's designed. While he had talent in CIU, he hasn't stepped it up as a Pro.


There is not much to debate on this guy .....He has had his chances like alot of other players on our team ..
His time has come i see the cat's taking a practice roster guy in his position this upcoming week .

He will be Toast after the season is over!!.......He,s had his chance!!........Maybe he can catch on with this new Indoor League starting up!? :thup:

Right and that QB we had in '97 was a bum who'd never make it also.

This organization was a HORRIBLE record for developing talent.

Hey guys stop picking on Bauman in the past i have said i do not think he should be a wide reciever .He suits more of being a slot back because his size and strength and would be a big target for our Qbs . How hard do you think it is to have one or two balls a game thrown your way . Wouldn't it be actually hard to keep your focus .Just like goalies in hockey who aren't busy just a thought

I think Bauman has a ton of potential but just doesn't have the heart.....he did bulk up with the anticipation of being used in the slot I believe, but he just can't seem to squeeze the ball most times it's thrown to him.....and I'd like to see him fight for the ball a little more...use his size to his many chances does a guy get though?