Bauman's a Goat Today


Thats unfortunate for the kid... He had a chance to help Hamilton win the game and drops an easy one and a second one that probably should have been a penalty...

But he has a lot of upside and hopefully people do not get on him to hard... He is going to be a very good player for the Tiger Cats in the years to come.

it's funny because everyone will rip into him but maas has the arm of a 4 yr old girl...the amount of under thrown passes is ridiculous not to mention CFL refs are terrible...but i digress...shoulda been a catch tough luck

Thank god for affirmative action programs (read: CFL import ratio) or bums like Bauman wouldn't have jobs. Absolutely inexcusable.

To be fair, the first one could have been thrown deeper. But to have the dropsies like that twice is definitely a concrete example that despite a promising future, rookies will cost you games...

To the future!

I don't think the second one was really a drop, he had one arm being held and im not sure there are many guys in this league can make that catch one handed.

i agree he has much promise. don’t rip his head off yet, wait another 3 years before you start the “cut bauman” threads

He dropped the first pass and was interfered with on the 2nd. That said, I predict he will step it up and rebound nicely and will have an awesome career.

OK it was one dropped pass, the other was pass interference, take a deep breath and relax before you decide to run him out of town. The guy is going to dominate this league.

"He has decent height" Those attributes are great to have when it comes to a WR, but they don't mean a damn thing if you can't catch the ball. Get this little punk outta Hamilton

The game wasn't lost with Bauman's drop, it was lost in the first half when the cats gave up on using Lumsden after he was stopped twice and in the third quarter when Maas, once again could not move the ball. I could not believe it when Maas tried to run the ball himself on 2nd and fifteen. Once again the coaches failed to put Chang in early and Maas managed the Cats to another loss. I know he would have been a hero if he marched them down with less than a minute to go, but the game should never have even come to that. Half of Edmonton's team were injured and the Cats could not take advantage of it. I think the offensive calls were for the most part very weak. The Cats are not taking advantage of their best players...

If you got rid of every player who made a mistake on the field, you would have no team.



Desjardins solidified that non-call with his criticism of CFL officials earlier this year. If a close call is going to be close, the Ticats won't win it. Would you like it if someone publically criticized your assessment ability?

That said, I think Desjardins made the right call. CFL refs do stink, and they are biased too. Why does Hamilton always get Hamilton-native Jake Ireland for a game official, and why do we always get screwed on important calls when he is in charge?

Guys, this is pro football. That catch absolutely has to be made. If we phucked up that blatantly in our 9 to 5 jobs, we'd in all likelihood be shown the door forthwith.

Yes, but it is pro football and first-round draft picks do have a little more teflon on them, usually.

Oski Wee Wee,

3rd game for him, if its the same after the 23rd then we made a bad pick. Still seems like a keeper.

Well that is why you work a 9 to 5 job and Bauman is the first overall pick. I know he is crushed and will come back to prove himself. I remeber the commercial with Jordan where he said, "What drives me? I've taken the game winning shot 28 times . . . . . . and missed."

If he will ever be great, that had to happen. Too bad it was tonight.

Yes it has to be made, but whatever, the guy obviously has skills to get himself that wideopen. Asking to cut him is just complete nonsense.

ok seriously, he has played 3 games, and unfortunately made a huge mistake, im pretty sure that everyone makes mistakes.. no? and im pretty sure that he was the 1st draft pick for a reason, how is it fair for some of you to tell hamilton to get rid of him? are you kidding? hes going to have a great career, hes not a quitter and this shit happens, so GET OVER IT

Bauman is certainly not the goat. The entire team coughed up a fur ball tonight and you can’t pin the loss on one player.