I don't think we should give up on this kid. There are always growing pains moving into the pro ranks and while he had his struggles, I think Bauman could be a good one. I can remember lots of Canadian recievers who had to grow into their current prominent roles. People thought Rocky Dipietro was a bust as a rookie and Mike Morreale bounced around before settling in and even then got booed out of town the first time around. Andy Fantuz didn't set the world on fire last year and has become a go-to guy, and Andre Talbot and Dave Stala had to get some experience before they became prime time players. I think Bauman should be in the slot, rather than outside. Brock Ralph and Jason French have potential too, but may have to share the position.
I think Ralph should be on the outside to take advantage of his speed, and he also seems a little reluctant to go over the middle. French just needs to stop fumbling. Canadian receivers are important, just look at Clermont, Cohoon, Thelwell. Bauman could be a big part of the puzzle next year.

I think we gave up on Iain Fleming and Chad Rempel too soon.

Bauman Should be named Stone hands..
He could not Catch a Cold
we should draft some else with the 1st Pick.

I still feel he will be one of the best in the league....PS that means don't trade him to Sask. Duh!

Bauman's a rookie who is coming out of a Canadian University. He needs another year to build on his knowledge of the pro's and build on some self-confidence. I don't believe he's a finesse receiver, so he should be taking reps in practice as a slotback. Think about Bauman with another 25 lbs of muscle going across the middle and Lumsden on the other side at slotback.

Bauman, is an enigma. So much promise in some areas but he really hasn't performed in the clutch. However, he was a rookie and seems to have alot of potential. I'm sure he'll be here next year, i'm not sure in what capacity. Someone mentioned Jason French as well...hang on to him. I love this guy. He's an over the middle possession receiver. He's scrappy and goes after balls and actually catches them, believe it or not. I'd like to see him in the slot next year full time.

French is a proven 400 yards/season receiver. (Might I mention, Desjardins traded for French after letting 1000 yard receiver Kamau Peterson go.) Bauman I believe has better speed and more of a game breaker than French. French would make an good backup to Bauman next year. (Provided they utilize Bauman at SB not WR.)

Chris Bauman played very well in his first two games of the CFL regular season (i.e. game numbers 5 and 6 against Winnipeg) but seemed to lose confidence after dropping that crucial pass at the end of the game against Edmonton. His performance seemed to decline as the season wore on. Given that Bauman had only played eight regular season games a year in the CIS, maybe he was not ready for the mental and physical demands of an eighteen game CFL season.

This young receiver has good potential. I tend to agree with Synthcat that it would good to see Bauman do some strength conditioning over the off-season and compete for a slotback position with the Ticats next year.

I feel that Chris Bauman should never had started at wide reciever as a rookie you should always back up the seasoned veterans so you are not thrown into the fire but due to our bonehead general manager he depleted our veteran recieving core causing them to throw bauman into the fire. so give him some slack andy fantuz dropped a few balls also

A few years ago the Cats drafted a kid who couldn't catch a cold for the first year or so...The team started calling him Stone Hands his name was Rocky Dipietro...give the kid some time, He has loads of talent...

He had a great rookie year!He even said his legs were killing him half way through the season.He will be working out and will be in great better shape for next year!Trust me!

give the kid one more chance
if he doesn't perform, trade him

I seem to recall Rocky DiPietro dropping more than a few catchable balls in his first year with the team.

As well all know he turned out OK.


Bauman had a very typical rookie year. All of the errors he made this season are directly related to lack of pro experience.

All in all I think he did well for a rookie.

This is another Marcel mistake

Not in drafting Bauman but not giving him some veteran mentoring ie Morreale, Hitch

You cannot tell me that Rob and Mike would not have been excellent mentors. We needed their game experience in practice and on the field not just for Bauman but all the inexperienced receivers and special teams players. All you here this year from the TSN panel etc is how the succesful teams have experience and veterans and what did we do..... let that element of the team go

I find it funny that people say that they were not going to start therefore could not lead. They would have and did lead in practice and special teams. Imagine seeing 12 year vets going all out all the time.........thats leadership

To me the impact of letting these two fine players and men go before the season started had a determental impact on this young and inexperienced team

Hell they probably could have mentored the coaches

I think Marcel's EGO got in the way

Did We fire Rocky Dipietro's Gm and coaches after his rookie year?

No, really that is a serious question. I can't remember.

Bob Young is a successful businessman why does he continue to be wishy washy with the Cats ??

I hate to burst your bubble, folks,
like the rest of us, money or not

bob does not have the power
to will things to be the way
that he wants them to be.

You guys should give up on him.... And quick!

Then he can come back to Regina! :smiley:

The only thing Regina is getting is alot of heart break when your record crowd watches your team lose to B.C in the playoffs!LOL