Bauman to Esks - Tillman's first good move

wow, that didn't take long for the Esks to snatch up Chris Bauman!

got to admit, this is a good move.

I don't think it's that good of a move to be honest.They probably had to pay a fortune for him (wanted more than Stala was making, Winnipeg couldn't afford to sign him) and the kid hasn't had a single solid season yet and has yet to loose the dropsies.This can go one of two ways.He could be like Kamau Peterson and go from doing nothing here to being a beast in Edmonton.Or, he could just be a total waste of money and end up costing the Esk's with his countless drops.Personally, i'd like to see him turn things around.

i dunno, maybe he'll make it work.. or maybe he'll just choke and end up being let go before the season starts.

Personally I have never been sold on Bauman. Like 15 says, dropsies, yet to have any kind of great season and asked for way too much money. Take him Tillman.

A great move, Bauman has all kinds of up side and with Tillman and the factory known as Edmonton, this new team may be exactly what is needed to re-launch his career.

Tillman is on record that he wants to address Canadian depth. So I imagine he’ll be signing many. Whether they make it, or make an impact remains to be seen. In this case I think he’ll start in Edmonton. He reminds me of the career that Kaamu Petersen had earlier on. Couldn’t catch a cold then settled down.
He asked for Stala money to force Hamiltons hand. He knew it wasn’t gonna happen, just an agents ploy to have him leave. Lets Obie off the hook too.

Interesting. Bauman has a lot of upside but true has as yet not shown he's big time all the time.

Ray throwing to Bauman sounds like a killer tandem IF they feature Bauman in the O, not use him as a decoy for!

1 problem though, Bauman can't catch.Maybe if Ray runs up beside him and gently lateralls him the ball, that can be their bread and butter :lol:

thats alot of coin to be forking out just based on potential. reality is a team could draft parker or the other receiving prospect and get just as much if not more bang for their buck then they would have signing bauman.

125000 + bonus + incentives eh... thats what u pay proven canadian starters.. not guys who havent reallly done much. some will say he wasnt given the chance in hamilton... but thats bullcrap.. adam nicholson started over him a few times...

is adam nicholson worth 125 k + bonus... I DONT THINK SO.

wonder how much proven guys like rob bagg or chris getzlaf are making... i mean if baumans this much... these guys gotta be atleast what.. 200 grand a year cuz atleast they have shown they can be consistent.

dont talk that winnipeg couldnt afford him, we all have the same salary cap.. winnipeg just decided like it sounds alot of teams other than edmonton decided that the price tag for potential is too high. look at his numbers.. does it really add up to that much coin/ year. NOT REALLY. edmonton over paid and if a guy like this is getting paid that much... my god man, bagg, getzlaf, these guys... when they free agents... THEY ARE GONNA CASH IN HUGE time. id pay that much gladly for rob bagg or getzlaf and im sure every team would, only 1 would for bauman. that says all u need to know. its not about not affording him, its about... the risk vs reward factor is too high. 125000 + bonus + incentives for a guy who hasnt shown much for 3 years.. dont give me this he wasnt given the chance crap.. he was and guys like stala and nicholson and whoever else... JUST OUTPLAYED HIM. risk vs reward factor = too high and honestly, tj harris, carr, edwards,watson (showed just as much as bauman has)... he wasnt really that much of a priority.. ppl figured wpg would get em cuz he's "local".. but wpg isnt stupid like edmonton and will not pay that much for just potential.

Hopefully the salary cap went up, otherwise some high priced vet will have to be shown the door.

Killer, I agree with pretty well everything you've said.Over the years we've given Bauman PLENTY of opportunities and all he did was drop the ball throw after throw.We give Stala a chance, he becomes a top 3 n/i WR.We give Carter a chance he outplays the living hell out of Bauman.We give Nicolson a chance, he hauls in everything thrown his way.Then Bauman decides to have a good 3 games and all of a sudden he think's he's Andy Fantuz?Bull crap.Just like Killer said he's a prospect at best and you don't pay a prospect that much money.

At least they'll have some consistent performances at receiver.
Chris Bauman and Adarius Bowman.

For a team that had a curious case of the dropsies last year, I find it interesting that they'd bring in two of the biggest culprits.
Maybe Brock Ralph (too far? lol) is next...

Bauman took some real strides forward with his play last year. Although as pointed out, he is still a little inconsistent. Will be interesting to see how he does now that the Eskimos have invested this much into him.

I think it would have been a good move, had you picked him up for less money. Now I could be wrong, I mean Bauman has recently showed some development, but I wouldn't say he's a six figure player quite yet. Putting that much money in a decent albeit still unproven prospect isn't the wisest move given the cap.

Tillman has already proven in Sask that his blueprint is Canadian receivers and imports in some of the less glamorous but necessary positions. He’s going to try and duplicate that in Edmonton I’d say . Long tall canadian receivers, drop the QB salary demands, strategic imports on O-Line, heavy imports on D-Line and secondary.

Dammit, I was coming on to make a joke like this. :lol:

I would disagree. It's not the fact Sask used Canadian receivers that made their org good, it's that their entire receiving core was stacked!

They had Chris Getzlaf and Rob Bagg, who save for Dave Stala, Ben Cahoon and arguably Paris Jackson were easily the two best non-import receivers in the league. Then you add the fact they were backed up by the #1 and #8 receivers in the league with Andy Fantuz and Weston Dressler, then sure having a stockpile of Canadian receivers works.

However, Chris Bauman is no Chris Getzlaf and I'm not even sure if he's a Rob Bagg quite yet. Then you have to consider his other top receivers that will back him up. You have Fred Stamps, who is no Getzlaf and Kelly Campbell, who is no Weston Dressler. Sure the Esks have Ricky Ray who I would say is better then Durant, and a competent backup in Jared Zabransky, but make no mistake, you guys are going to be in a world of hurt if Tillman applies the same logic to Edmonton as Saskatchewan. That is unless the entire receiving core gets overhauled.

once a pissant, always a pissant.

I dont disagree that the quality is not there yet, just pointing out what I think his MO is. I believe this is his plan.