Bauman signs with Esks

Guess they were willing to pony up.Now does he become Kamau Peterson... doubt it.

That was very quick. Either Edmonton made him an offer he couldn't refuse so he didn't bother shopping around, or all the teams got their bids in very quickly and Edmonton's was the best. Still, very, very quick.

Best wishes Chris for your career and personal life.

That was quick. I thought he was going to test the free agency market.

He did. He has been a free agent since the Cats released him, available to any team. He had the benefit of being on the market before everyone else so it was probably easy to determine what all teams were willing to pay.

Wait till Bauman has to face our DBacks he'll be sorry. :oops: :oops:

Generally speaking, to drive a price up you don't sell early - try to get a bidding war started.

Here's how I suspect the free agency market broke down for Bauman:

Tillman: $125K/a x 3 yrs

Everyone else: LOL

With such a large gap in the bidding process and no movement it was wise to take Tillman's offer before he had time for sober second thought.

He's an upgrade for the Esks. He wouldn't have been for the Cats.

An Argo-Cat fan

Good for Bauman. Tillman knows Ray needs a better receiving core so this isn't that bad a move for the Esks. I really thought the Peg or the Argos were going to step up to the plate.

Except for one or two great games, bauman is not a proven reciever game in and game out.
I hope he is able to take the next step with Edmonton, at least against the rest of the league..


It seems to me how ET does much better with reclaimation projects, no better example than Kerry Joseph.
Bauman with his physical attributes there is all kinds of up side.
I wish the Argos would have made a pitch for him.

Wait for what?.. Wait for Bauman to get open and drop the ball? And then quit on a ball over the middle because he was scared to take the hit? LOL sorry I couldn’t resist…

I just hope we don’t play Edmonton in one of the final 3 games of the season when Bauman actually shows up and we see him earn his Stala type money. lol.

I’m just not sold on this kid and never really have been, I wish him well but as for playing for the Ti-Cats… Pure waste of a 1st overall pick.

You mean three years from now when he realizes that he's about to be a free agent again and needs to start marketing himself?

Seriously, I think he may have gotten his confidence back over the last few games. That "hot-dogging" touchdown seems to have been a turn-around point for him. Too bad it wasn't earlier in the season; maybe he would have had a good season rather than just a few good games. For his sake, I hope he keeps that confidence and becomes a solid receiver. Just not against us, ok?

Drew says Bauman also picked up a $47K signing bonus.

His 'hot dog' touchdown may have been a career turning point if he ever lives up to his potential. No defence would leave a receiver uncovered unless they never expected a pass to go his way.

Good luck to him. I still think the Cats made the right decision.

I thank him for his efforts in Hamilton and wish him all the best with the Eskimos.

Perhaps this is the new start that Chris Bauman needed. Despite his never having fulfilled his early promise here in the Hammer, I wish him well. Amazing how often a change in scenery will light a player's afterburners. Hope he becomes a standout receiver in every game next year, save, of course, the tangles with the Tiger-Cats.

We'll see what Obie has lined up to replace these guys.

Now we get reals Start of 2011 Season in next week FA

I look forward to it Every year
I've always love watching the new Part of team come in and old parts moving else where.

Chad Owens re-signed with the blue team for Chris Bauman-like money.

Bauman now makes more than Dave Stala.

Just saying.

$125K/YR for 3 YRS plus a $47K Signing Bonus
That is a hefty contract for a player that did not shown us really anything.
Good luck in the West Division Chris.
It is now Matt Carter's time.
No doubt in my mind it is an upgrade.