Bauman signed by esks.

So much for Chris testing the free agent market ....unless there was a whole bunch of previous behind the scenes dealings, where it was free agency of sorts :lol: ......It appears anything resembling an ni will be gobbled up by Tilman :lol: ....Consensus is that the schmoes overpaid...I guess we'll see as the season progresses :roll:

There were lots of behind the scenes dealing. Tillman was talking to Bauman and his agent since the moment Bauman was released. It was also reported that other teams had talked to Bauman's agent - remember Wally Buono saying the Lions wouldn't be interested in Bauman because he was too expensive. Until a claim was made, anyone could talk to Bauman.

So much for a hometown discount. Heard he got $125K/yr, although that could be exaggerated. Price is a bit steep, but sometimes you have to pony up to add canadian talent to the roster, and local NI talent to boot. The goodwill of adding a local boy woulda been good, especially considering the current crop of receivers. Watson - seems to have talent and showed some improvement as the year went along. Ralph - regardless what our opinions as fans may be, the telling sign is that he was a healthy scratch over the last part of the season by the coaches. Hargreaves, I like his size and seems to have potential, but in his time here I haven't seen the coaches really involve him much in the passing attack. Markus Howell is still on the roster, but he was brought in mainly to return kicks, played little, injury issues (?) if IIRC, didn't have much of an impact. Will he still have a role with Chris Garrett on the roster to return kicks? Scott Mchenry - I believe he got into a couple games on ST, both he and Josh Bishop could develop into something but until then are bit ? Argument could be made that he didn't have a great year last year but his receiving yards woulda put him ahead of hargreaves and watson on the blue squad and really not far behind our leading canadian receiver in Ralph, and he made a number of tough catches that we have grown accustomed to Ralph dropping.

Here, for what it may be worth, is a report from the Edmonton Journal:

“As soon as I cleared waivers we started negotiating with Edmonton,? said Bauman. “It felt like the right fit and it’s close to home.? So is Winnipeg, and the Blue Bombers sent Bauman an offer through his agent Darren Gill. “It felt more comfortable with Edmonton,? said Bauman. “Things just didn’t work out the way I thought they would with Winnipeg.?

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I wonder what we are supposed to read between the lines there. . .

Sounds like it was the crunch.

$125K per for 3 years PLUS bonus's !!!! With up front cash !!!!

Tillman is out on a limb with this one.

Pigseye: where did you hear these numbers?

Take the numbers with a grain of salt - Lefko's reporting.

Although I have seen another report that said $125,000 for 2 years plus option but didn't mention bonuses or upfront money.

that is what they have said about mr bauman too tho

ill be the first to admit, i would have liked to see him here but 125k + 40 something signing bonus... PASS. u dont pay guys that much based on potential. u pay starters that money... guys who are proven starters.. not guys who havent really done much. if bauman is worth 125000 + bonus... then brock ralph's 135 000 doesnt sound so unrealistic.. what tillman did here was probably screw alot of teams over because... hey i can get 125000 + bonus based on just potential. u asked me, watson has shown more than mr bauman has.

what i see here is.. edmonton gave me an unrealistic stupid offer that i couldnt say no to because eventho i talk about wanting to play close to home, all i really care about is the money money money... because edmonton is not much closer to home than hamilton was there mr bauman but thanks for trying. edmonton signed this guy to a ridiculous contract.. how much u wanna bet proven canadian starters like rob bagg and chris getzlaf arent even getting this much.. that says all you need to know.. besides reality is.. with tj, carr, edwards, watson and insert american or canadian receiver here... he wasnt really that needed here, i think ppl just wanted him here cuz he's from brandon.. i think thats what it came down too.. go sign bauman cuz he's local... because if you actually look at his numbers and take his area code from where he was born from out of equation.. sorry that does not equal that type of coin. betcha lots of teams are pretty peed off at edmonton for paying a dude that much just based on potential.. edmonton wont go anywhere until they get that oline fixed and if they paying backups like bauman that much.. well, good luck. fact is.. with donovan alexander, he wouldnt have started here.. our db's are pretty decent actually.. with bauman it just came down to edmonton making him a ridiculously over priced offer. dudes been potential for 3 years now.. u dont pay a guy that much cash just based on potential.. thats what u pay proven starters, not guess who got beat out by adam nicholson.

heres reality.. edmonton in about 7 days has forked over 250,000 for a backup db and a backup receiver.

What fools are those guys in Edmonton hey.
Boy are you ever lucky not have signed him then.

I jus had to bring this back up one last time, one reason i think we made a good move on passing on $125,000 man Chris Bauman is:

A younger, cheaper NI REC Josh Bishop, i think this kid has a great chance of making the team, even ahead of Hargreaves and Ralph if he is indeed fully healed from his 2010 freak injury (which i think he is)

WR --- Gregg Carr, TJH and Bishop
SB ---- Edwards and Watson

still can't get enough of this Video and seeing him in person is even better, great hands, size and speed:

I love the catch at 1:27 when he is just spanked and still holds onto the ball :rockin:

i dunno, it wouldnt shock me if we took cohoorn or whatever his name is with the 1st overall pick either… i think mitchell is the most likely but i think if we can swing a deal to get another pick, i wouldnt be shocked if that kid is in blue and gold next season either… bishop tho… i agree, the kids impressive, would have been a high pick no last year if not for his injury there… guys got potential. i could see him pushing ralph or hargreaves out the door. watson, bishop, cohoorn or whatever… thats 3 pretty decent prospects right there. would be nice to have them all on the roster.