Bauman Showboating

One side of me says, give the kid a break, he's had a tough couple years and deserves to celebrate a huge TD. However, the other part of me says, it's wet, your not in the end zone yet, you could easily drop the ball.

Was I the only one that held my breath when Bauman decided to hold the ball out there so gingerly?


The thought went through my mind that he should tuck it away until he crossed the line...

I did not see it as showboating at all.

It wasn't just you. I was afraid he might pull a Flemons.

But as I mentioned in the game thread, it's been so long since his last TD, he may have forgotten how to celebrate.

It is a generational thing in part, I suppose...but it points to a football I.Q. or reality-check deficiency. When you score TDs at a personal rate of like one per calendar year, the want-it-can't-have-it crap is lame. It doesn't feel like nitpicking when it's piling on in one's craw watching this guy underachieve.

It did look like he was taunting a nearby BC player.

And could you imagine if Bauman did drop it?

I mean, did he not see this, which appropriately happened after a Printers fumble?

That video appears to have already been viewed more times than Stala's TD celebration. So I would think Bauman might have seen it.

That video, by the way, is one that I think should be Benny Hillified. Click the following link, turn up the audio on your speakers and click the following link to see what I'm talking about:

Geez some people will nit pick anything..... stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. no big deal..

you wouldnt be saying that if he had dropped the ball.

Exactly.It was nothing.He knew he was long gone and this is his first during a very tough season for him.Let him enjoy the moment.

But he didn't

Good on him for not dropping it. I made a factual statement there. LOL

I feel momentum building in his 50,000 volts running through the House of Frightenstein corpse for the upteenth time...LMAO

A twitch? If this IS a start, it's about time. If he could round his receiving game as he does when he run blocks, he'd be a much bigger factor. He has to know he needs to make the most of every opportunity now. Giguere may indeed be available for 2011 training camp and I would take him over Bauman in a New York minute.

He should savour the moment. Okay, do it again. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,


If we do sign Giguere, I hope we at least trade Bauman, as a non-import he should still have some value.

Who cares? He scored a TD. The end.

8) Wow, Bauman can't buy a break around this place.
  Most of us on here have done nothing but find fault with him for the past 2 years (deservedly so) !!

  He finally makes a great catch, and scores the winning touchdown, and some people are still on him !!

  Give the guy a break, and a little praise for a change !!!

   He certainly deserved it last night.

Yes give the guy a break, he has huge hands and there was no chance he was going to drop the ball.

Can you imagine how Flemons feels? I heard that his wife won't even let him hold their new baby!!

8) Good One !! :wink: :lol:


Good For Chris I am glad he has good game :thup:

football: But he did NOT drop the ball!
He deserves to feel good about his TD. After so many dropped balls over the past couple of season...maybe this will give him some confidence.