Bauman Released

Obviously he didn't figure into any future plans .
No doubt will land in WPG and perhaps being closer to home with his new wife he'll realize some of the promise he was supposed to fulfill here.

Drew Edwards is saying that the team tried to re-sign him, but he wanted to test out the market.

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Obie never gave Bauman more than luke warm support, if that. If Obie figured there was a real future in Bauman he would be re -signed before now.

Reports across the country say Alexandre Gauthier has also been set free.

Ticats are going with Two American Tackles this year ..

New assistant GM cleaning house? . start of another rebuild ???

I'm hoping Matt Carter will be a great Canadian receiver with a long career.

Obie hinted at changes before Womack was hired. Besides, you dont stand pat after consecutive 9-9 seasons.

Not really, just cutting off the weakest links so we have no weak spots.Gauthier was flagged alot last year and his play could probably be bettered by Belton Johnson.Bauman has had like 3 good games in his entire career here and isn't worth the effort anymore just because he decided to have a couple good games at the end.Know who also had a few good games a couple years back?Quinton Porter.Doesn't mean he's good.Matt Carter will still up and Stala will play as good as ever.Johnson was a great move at tackle while Jiminez was out.

The assistant GM's don't clean house. Thats the GM's job. The assistant watches and learns and would be part of discussing a players future but Obie has the final say in everything.

No...It has more to do with the fact that a lot of players are due bonuses this time of year.

Even though I read he wants to return out west, my Argos should call him as he would be a great addition.

Yup, it's their 10th rebuild year in a row!

I'll be sorry to see him leave. Toward the end of last season he had some very good games.

steve: Yes he did. But it looks to me like Matt Carter is ready to go again so that sets in motion all kinds of options. It's been good to see Bauman gain some confidence over the past couple of years. I would like to see him in Winnipeg...and do well.

I will save my opinion until I see who will replace these two players. :roll:

reported on chch sports tonight bauman asked for more money than stala, was offered a 2 year contract but turned it down

Whether the reports are about him asking for more cheese or a request to be out west are true or not…we never utilized him properly.
He is a big body who should have been utilized along the sidelines. It seems he was predominantly thrown to over the middle with screens or posts, but rarely on out routes. Call me crazy…but after the first 2 years those play calls were not very effective with Bauman on the receiving end. Confidence or whatever… he had the size to make things happen. Throw him some “outs” and let him build some confidence and work to his strengths, before watching his athletism and reach work to his our avantantage.
Obie is very good but he’s not great. Bauman was not your atypical bonifide Canadian star receiver right off the bat. He was less adaptable but very workable. We didn’t use him the right way.

Good points, another issue Bauman faced was the rigid Non-Import quota .

Non imports who have Baumans talent should never be on the bench just to have a certain number of import's,

IMO this reasoning is why the east is allways weak compared to the west .

Even if Bauman is a future star (personally I don't think he is), I think it would have taken a ridiculous amount of money to get him to stay. If I were Bauman, after the amount of hostility Ticat fans have shown him over the past few years ("justified" or not) the only thing you'd see left of me as I hit the road would be a Roadrunner-esque cloud of dust in the shape of my silhouette.

The print edition of the Spec had an interesting writeup on Bauman last summer, talking about how demoralized he had become at one point, and how he saw himself at a crossroads in 2010, and how aware he was of his critics.

For his own sake, a change of scenery can only be a good thing. I still don't foresee him becoming a standout receiver in this league, though.