Bauman released by Cats

.....We are in talks with him according to the local media...He could be a great addtion if he continues the play he left off with in 2010.......Now that he is claimable on waivers and we did have prior interest...i say we try and sign him now...He could consider other offers at anytime now..??? :roll:

can't u guys claim him and then he decides whether he wants to go there or not?

We get first shot at claiming him off waivers but I'm not sure how it works regarding offering a contract to him. Someone said we have to wait until the waiver period is up before officially signing him but I don't know if that's true or not.

bauman and gauthier, both are rumored to be on the bombers radar.

i believe the way it works is if he's claimed then the claiming team, in this case the bombers, would have a 2 week window to sign him to a contract after which he becomes an FA if no agreement is reached. What it would do is give the bombers an exclusive 2 week window to get his name on a contract. The 2nd week would overlap with the opening week of free agency i think.

You are also responsible for assuming the players existing contract and any bonuses that come due. Probably not an issue with Bauman but Gauthier may have had a bonus coming which is why the Cats released him?

Bauman was released because he was determined to test the FA market and the only way he wouldn't is if we paid him more than Stala.Obviously that wasn't going to happen.Gauthier was released because he has too high of a price tag to be a backup under our new two IMP tackle system.

I doubt Gauthier would have been getting any bonuses - he was set to be an FA as well.

According to Drew Edwards with the Hamilton spectator, he's heard that Gauthier has signed with the Riders and that they'll let either Wayne Smith or Joel Bell go to accomidate Gauthier.