...Bauman...healthy scratch for esks.?????

...WOW.....and i was scratching my head as to why we didn't go harder for him in fa....I guess i'll leave the decision making to guys like Mack and Lapo ,who said when he was signed by the esks...too rich for us....125,000 grand was Baumans asking price....ouch....Tilman...i think you blew it :roll: I feel bad for the kid but after hearing what he was doing in the esks. tc. and pre-season games????? We sure dodged a bullet :lol:

add to the fact he would have been under more pressure here than in edmonton being with the hometown club, could've been a disaster

125,000 grand....that would be like adding three more zeros...making it 125 million...That is steep....c'mon papa :lol: :oops: :lol: :lol: ...ya just got to know how to laugh at yourself...

Why he thinks he deserves Stala's salary I have no idea.What has Bauman done exactly since being selected in rd.1?

Hey papa! have you been spending time smooching some Rider chicks? Sure looks like some of their counting skills rubbed off on you. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yeah, Tillman might have outsmarted himself on that one. Viva Mack!

.....smoochin rider chicks.......nah...Not when we have the prettiest girls in the country in the Peg... :wink:

I really have to back to math class though....that was :oops: :lol:

I think Tilman is desperate to pickup anyone with ni status and jumped....something i noticed Mack does NOT do....Kudos to Mr. Mack on this one for sure :thup:

Ricky Ray's paycut sitting in the stands :wink:

Bauman was a risk for that price, no question. Someone who struggled most of his career minus some big catches in the latter half of last season. 100K or higher is a big risk for a NI player who hasn’t established himself yet.

On the other hand - their other bomber retread - Bowman - 7 catches for 103 yards - where was that the last 2 seasons. Musta started using stickum or something.

.....orrrrr he had his eyes checked-out and fitted for contacts.....I'm being serious about that...One of the Bomber coaches mentioned it when Bowman was here...He felt that here was something wrong with Adariuses' vision 8) :roll:

It's just one game, I wouldn't be convinced yet. Bowman had a couple games like that here... If he hadn't he wouldn't have made it through one season, never mind two. If another three weeks come and go and he still hasn't dropped a pass, maybe he's turned it around, but Adarius had a few dominant games in the Blue and Gold too.

I’m with bowlerdude on this one. It’s when you get to the point that you think he can be a top receiver in the league when the drops start and he breaks your heart.

I don't dispute that Bowman had good games in the blue and gold uniform, but for me the lasting image of the age of adarius in blue and gold will that game in montreal where he had a bunch of drops, including at least one guaranteed TD. Probably not fair to only characterize him as that but sometimes the memories are selective.