Bauman gets the start in the Peg

The Spectator reports that our number one draft pick Chris Bauman #87, gets the start Friday in Winnipeg.

Now if only his dad could fly back to watch in person. "Ironically Bauman's dad is going to miss his son's first CFL start. He drove his son's car up to Hamilton this week.". If this were the NHL instead of the CFL, Chris would have just bought a new car.

Way to go Chris. Tear up those bomber DBs.

Oskee Wee Wee


I hope they throw outs to him all game long . With his size it will be hard for corners to get around him to knock the ball away .

In some situations yes but most corners are only 5'9-5'10 and can cover tall guys easily. The Eagles of the NFL used to have a corner that was 5'7 and I remember seeing them play in Dallas and this guy shut down the 6'3 Irvin.

I do hope Chris does well though.

If history repeats itself, Bauman will catch and run one for 50+ yards (maybe even run for a TD) and won't touch the ball the rest of the game. The Cats have a couple of potential game-breakers e.g. Holmes, and he totals 2-3 touches a game -if he is lucky. What up with that?

Yeah...good luck Chris. Were all rootin' for you!!!!

Depth Chart is posted

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