Bauman / Desjardins Reactions

Visit the Ticats video gallery (link to see #1 draft pick Chris Bauman and general manager Marcel Desjardins' thoughts on today's draft.

where was this taped?? hes not in hamilton already is he??

Yes he Signed his Contract Today

3 Years + an Option

Yes he is in Hamilton. He was flown in yesterday. Apparently they called him while he was golfing and made the necessary arrangments. ( as heard on the fan 590 when he was interviewed earlier today)


nice, any word on how long J.P is here for?? and when do we find out if he will be at cmp, cant he keep his NFL options open still? if so when is it official he comes to camp??

On the 6:45 p.m. CHtv sportscast this evening, Steve Ruddick reported that J.P Bekasiak is currently still focused on trying to sign on as a free agent with an NFL team.

Here is an excerpt of an article by Allen Cameron titled "Barker aims to keep talent pipeline flowing" in today's edition of the Calgary Herald which has also been posted on the website:

"Here are five players, in alphabetical order, expected to be taken high in today's CFL college draft, with Stamps GM Jim Barker's comments:

WR Jabari Arthur (6-4, 224), University of Akron

"He's a definite first-round guy. He may be the best player in the draft, but there's a good chance he'll be an NFL guy next year (Arthur isn't eligible for the NFL draft until after his 2007 senior season at Akron)."

WR Chris Bauman (6-4, 212), University of Regina

"He could go as high as No. 1. He's probably the best receiver right now, projected as a slot in our league. I would be stunned if he fell out of the first round."

DL J.P. Bekesiak (6-6, 296), University of Toledo

"Everybody's just waiting to see if he signs in the NFL. If he doesn't, he could very well be the first pick. He tested the best at the combine. He's six-six, 300 pounds, he's athletic and he does a lot of great things."

OL Mike Gyetvai (6-7, 307) Michigan State University

"He's like Jabari Arthur -- he might be too good. He's probably overall the best player in the draft, but he has another year at Michigan State and he could very easily be a first-day (NFL) draft pick (in 2008)."

DL Corey Mace (6-3, 285) University of Wyoming

"He's a guy who's been talked about a lot because he has a lot of upside. He's a strong guy, but with him signing with Buffalo (as a free agent earlier this week), he may drop out of the first round."

As can be seen by Barker's comments, he viewed both Bauman and Bekasiak as potential number one picks overall. Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins and his scouting staff have done very well to draft both of them. Here's hoping that Bekasiak joins Bauman as a signed Ticat in the near future.

It'd be a great interview if it wasn't so ONE SIDED!!