Bauman After the Game

Did anyone see Bauman after the game? It really looked like he was crying. I know that might be the cissy thing to do, but i think that that really shows that he was taking responsability, and that his heart is in it which is good! Did anyone see if he was actually crying, or was I imagining things>

Also, did anyone else see Jason Maas say to Ricky Ray something along hte lines of "I want to come back." I didn't see it but apperently a friend of mine did. Im not sure if its true...?

I don't know if Bauman was crying but I shed a few tears.

Lip reading is a fools' game. He was probably asking him over to the house for dinner.

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Did you actually?
It looked like he was to me

Good, I hope he stays there and skipped his flight back.

Obviously Bauman was very upset after the game. Both at himself and probably at the non-call that cost him that last catch. It was definately a huge learning experience for him. Whether he cried or not, I don't know and it doesn't really make any difference to me either way. You can bet your lucky stars that he is going to be fighting to redeem himself for that one dropped ball. That's all that matters to me.

As for Maas saying that to Ray, I don't buy it. Maybe he said "I really wanted that comeback" or even "I really want some gum, mack". If he said anything at all it would be nearly impossible to read his lips on TV unless you're a professional. People read way too much into these things. Maas wants to prove himself and live up to the faith the coach has shown in him. I don't think there is much on his mind besides that.

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I don't think he was actually crying, but was very close to it.

Being at the game, I did see a number of players walk over to him and pat him on the back. Mass being one of them.

As far as Mass/Ray conversation, they showed the last 2 seconds of it on TV. Not enough time to see what they were saying. It looked like Ray said one word and Mass said two in that time.

It looked like " I'm looking forward to spending a week at home with the family,I'll get back to you,thanks for the complement(Ray said ""Wow,You played a great game!!"")see ya"....Thats how I read it :roll:

No I think he said "I wish my arm would come back. lol

I think Maas said, I think I should be a back-up in Hamilton like I was behind you Ricky.

Wow that was clever. Been saving that one up??

I don't think Maas would be dumb enough to say something ON CAMERA to a player on another team that could be used against him.

I was watching the game and it showed him on the bench, and it looked like a few tears were going down his cheek...every player will have a mistake like that though. :frowning:

did someone actually make a post about if chris was crying or not? what difference does it make? he is a very emotional guy and i guess that just shows how much he is into what he does, i think he feels the worst cause he feels he let his team down but i know everyone supports him. hes feelin good about it and i cant wait for him to redeem himself... i know it will be soon.

Perhaps this article from the Edmonton Journal will clear things up.....:slight_smile:

Source: click here

Bauman drops the ball(s)

Scott Petersen, CanWest News Service
Published: Monday, August 13, 2007

EDMONTON -- Chris Bauman enters his first bye week as a pro with visions of two footballs slipping through his hands to the green grass below.

Clearly dejected in the locker room after the game, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver became the go-to guy on his team's final failed drive in a 19-17 loss to the Edmonton Eskimos on Saturday night. What could've been a storybook ending to the match became a bit of a nightmare that he'll stew over for two weeks before his next game.

The Ti-Cats were on their own 23-yard-line with 1:02 to play and needing a field goal for a win. The wish of a wide open receiver was granted in the form of Bauman running down the right sideline, though quarterback Jason Maas was hammered while releasing the ball. The fluttering pass still made its target, but Bauman couldn't keep a grip on it.

"It just hung up there and I took my eyes off it, I guess,'' said the first overall pick in the 2007 Canadian Football League college draft, who starred for the University of Regina Rams.

He was granted a chance to make up for it two plays later, as Maas attacked the matchup of the smaller Omarr Morgan of the Eskimos against the 6-foot-6 Bauman. The ball was on target, but the receiver couldn't haul it in under tight coverage.

"The last play in particular, (Morgan) was pressing and I felt like Bauman's a big target,'' said Maas. "Morgan's going to have to play it perfectly and if it's a little short, (Bauman's) going to be able to jump up and make a play on it and maybe either get a P.I. (pass interference) or ball in his hands. It was probably the best ball I threw all night and he just didn't get it.''

Edmonton Journal


And get off his A** know who you are...he's gonna miss a block here and there, he's gonna drop another ball...I have news for you all...Garney Henley dropped sure interceptions, Ruoff and Oz missed big field goals, and Zambiasi missed tackles...GET OFF IT!!!

Bill Parcells used to say something like..."its not the mistakes you make, its whether you have the toughness to fight back afterwards."
I think Bauman will be back with a vengeance.

I think what happened on Saturday is going to be an experience that Chris Bauman recalls after a long, productive career in the CFL and a reporter asks, "Chris what is your most embarrassing moment as a professional football player?"

He is a rookie, that is why they are called "rookie mistakes."

WAR Chris Bauman torching the Als for a touchdown in two weeks!

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It's a tough way to lose a game, dropping an easy catch that sets your team up to score.

I think Bauman can be a good receiver but if he drops more like that one in Edmonton he will no longer be a "Go to Guy". That would see his professional football ability go from "good" to "average".

Once you become average you are no longer a threat

Sure hope that doesn't happen, Chris Bauman has a lot of potential.

The next few games will tell if he is mentally strong enough to be the "Go to Guy" this season

As good as he is it's hard to catgh that kind of a pass with one arm being held by the defender

A good friend of mine reads lips. He told me the conversation went something like this:

" Good game, hey how about those argos this year. They really aren’t very good either. "