bauman + 3rd overall pick to Bombers for Goodspeed?

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Would YOU do it if you were Obie?

I wouldn't.

We don't have the depth at NI receiver to trade Bauman, and he's just starting to blossom now.

However, if Bauman has told Obie that he wants to play closer to home out west, and that he will not sign a contract extension in Hamilton, I would make that trade, minus the pick.

I don’t think it is ever smart to give up a Canadian for an import, especially when you have to include a first round draft pick, and the import is in the twilight of his career. It would be nice to have Goodspeed, but this is too much to give up.

If we had Giguere, and the trade were for Walls instead I might consider it. How bout we trade Scott Mitchell nfor Goodspeed and fleece Winnipeg back?

Nice idea, but we know who isn't their GM so they probably wouldn't fall for that.

We don't have the depth to trade an NI receiver like Bauman.

NO … Bauman just needs a leetle more seasoning and he’ll be an awesome receiver! This would be a brutal trade that would come back to haunt!

I think that is why Mike Kelly threw it out there.

Not so much that Obie would take it, but more of a way to tell him in a not so subtle way that it is going to take a lot to pry Goodspeed from the Blue Bombers. Especially since the Tiger-Cats just signed former Bomber Alexandre Gauthier.

The more I hear coming out of Winnipeg, the more I think Mike Kelly is just a little bit nuts. Just the way he operates and the way he conducts himself and how he handles contract talk and personnel matters in the media.

Oh well. Not our problem.

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Hell I hope Obie isn't thinking of trading Bauman to Peg. I think its time for Obie to break off the relationship with Pegy until we can deal from a position of strength again. :oops:

That trade on the surface might seem like a bit of over pay. Two 1st round Canadians for an import tackle. However Goodspeed is right up there with the top tackles in the league and Obie probably figures that Bauman is never going to be the Andy Fantuz or Jason Clarmont some people thought he was going to be. Maybe a backup lineman like Rempel or Bekasiak and the first rounder would be a better deal, however maybe Kevin Glenn is involved in a round about way. Hamilton sends a couple of possible starting Canadians, Bauman and a #1 to Winnipeg (which they desparately need) for Goodspeed, and Winnipeg also releases Glenn so Hamilton can pick him up at a cheaper salary.

I would not trade BAUMAN at all. I probably wouldnt trade for Goodspeed regardless unless it was an Import for an Import. No offense, but why trade our #1 pick Bauman, or a #3 overall pick that could be Rottier or Steenbergen, (both who could be starting Canadian tackles) in exchange for an American tackle making $100000 +. This makes no sense.

And I hate all this Kevin Glenn garbage. I dont want him here. We are good with Porter, Williams and Trafalis. c;mon guys....let Bauman come home....he'd be just up the road from his family and he probably would appreciate the move.....Seriously...Goodspeed is one heluva o lineman ...To let him go for a canuck receiver is asking quite a bit...We'd need something else in the mix....A lot is probably going on with Obie and Kelly in the backroom that we're not hearing...I believe Glenn is in the mix...Getting back to Goodspeed makes sense for the Bombers to keep Dan as he can play either side of the line really well...and with a lefty like Lefors (protecting his blind side) we wouldn't be doing ourselves any favours by letting him go....I guess we'll see what trader Kelly comes up with next :roll: ,,,so far he's putting together a very talented unit..... AND..Bauman would look very good in BluenGold... :wink:

noooooo please do not do this, i like Bauman, he was improving last season, i think he can have a hell of a season. and he's young and he's canadian.

i wouldnt do this if it was just bauman for goodspeed straight up, the 3rd overall pick makes it worse.

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ummmm no.
Bauman and Prechae are the future of the Franchise along with Porter and maybe Dylan Barker?
From the highlights i've seen this guy is a really good Saftey and can apparently play Linebacker to.
The future is lookin bright boys,be happy.

I agree with all points.

Kelly, Crack, Pipe, Crack, Pipe, Kelly.

Bauman is another example of a good player who wants to be closer to home and the team wanting him to be on their team . Only in Hamilton its different , we GET RID OF THE LOCAL STAR ?? Please explain ???

Under no condition should we trade Bauman . He is a load inside and I know he will be a star someday !!!

According to Drew Edwards Blog:

I asked O'Billovich about this rumour on Monday and he too denied it.

"We haven't talked to anybody about Baumann. He's not on the trade market."

Don't you love the rumor mill?

This article in today's Winnipeg Free Press states that Dan Goodspeed is due to receive a bonus of approximately $80,000 on Mar 1/09. Bombers' head coach Mike Kelly said they might pay the $50,000 bonus due to Kevin Glenn and this bonus owed to Goodspeed.

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It is best for the Ticats or any other CFL team to wait until after Mar 1/09 to see whether the Bombers release these players or pay their bonuses.

I am shocked the Bombers are even thinking of trading an O lineman since they have already lost a big chunk of their line to FA. Plus I feel they need Glenn more than Hamilton does.

I honestly don't see Kelly's logic on anything he does or says. Its almost like he is trying to make the team worse.

Why would the Cats trade Bauman for Goodspeed?
Bauman already has good speed.... :lol: :lol: :lol: