Bauer leaked to the press what Simpson has asked for last year. The press was not aware of this issue. Bauer should have taken the high road. To protect his coach, Bauer decided to make Simpson out as a trouble maker. Simpson did not bad mouth Kelly or Bauer. Bauer did all the bad mouthing. I guess this is what you call controlling the message.

I actually agree with housedog, that is how you control the message, which is exactly what the Bombers said they would be doing from the start and why they are at war with the media.

I’ve come to understand what is going on. Bauer is desperate for a Grey Cup. It would probably do for the Bombers what it did for the Riders. Add 5 to 8 million in revenues and make him untouchable even for Asper. So he hires his fast talking buddy and gives him carte blanche to make this happen.

We will know how the story ends in November.

Not only are they at war with the media. But the club has also decided to go to war with the fans and some of the players.

.....HMMMMMMM .... this just in..VOTED MAN OF THE YEAR FOR THE WINNIPEG REGION for 09.......seems there's quite a few people who don't agree with dawgs assessment of Lyle Bauer :stuck_out_tongue: ..or the Bombers in general for that matter... :lol:...Housedog ....why don't you take all of you neg. comments and turn them positive for our team.....probably would work better for ya... :wink: We'll still welcome you to the new stadium though....hope you got your seating figured out... :wink:

Voted man of the year????????????? Well that sure says a lot about Winnipeg. I'll wait when the shovels are in the ground before I figure out my seating arrangements.

As a diehard Argo fan, I follow my team very closely. Can you inform me as to who said Bruce was a "bad guy that deserved to die"????

Bruce is awesome, never too busy to sign an autograph or talk to you, always puts on a show for the fans and most importantly is an OUTSTANDING receiving threat. Thanks Toronto, we owe ya one :wink: