It is incredible that a President of a football club would crawl out of his sewer and trash a player. Today Lyle took centre stage in speaking about the Barrin Simpson crisis. He went in detail talking about Barrin asking for a trade last year. This took the local press by surprise. The press and the public were not aware of the situation from last year. Bauer kept this detail quiet for almost a year. But because Simpson says he wanted to be traded and did not agree with Kelly's coaching situation Bauer took the low road. Dredged up dirt from last year to make Barrin look like a trouble maker and a whinner. The Bomber cicus has gone into major damage control with Bauer shooting off his mouth and coming to the rescue of a loser coach. When will Bauer and Kelly finally be thrown down the toilet ?? :oops: :oops: :oops:

I do not know what the truth is with Bauer/Simpson, but kinda reminds me of the way the Argos publicly trashed Arland Bruce. Told us how he was this bad guy that deserved to die.

If that is true, then shame on Bauer. I respect Simpson for not making a bigger deal out of this, he could of last year when he was healthy at the end, but was scratched, and he could still now, but in each situation he chose to not bad mouth the org, gave little info to the media on how he really felt. The guy is a real leader, the kind you want on your team. I have stood behind Kelly and Bauer for most of the year, but this move leaves me with a bad taste. I mean sure, Joe Lo is a great replacement, but the leadership Barrin provided will be sorely missed (especially in Milt's abscence).

You can leave proud Barrin Simpson, you did all you could here, and the fans appreciate that!

Hey say what you want about Bauer, but he is one of the main reasons our team didn't follow the same fate as the Ottawa Rough Riders. So be angry at him all you want, but at least we still have a team to be passionate about.

I dont think Bauer will not be going anywhere till after the season,and they will let him leave on his own(because he did help save the team),or when/if Asper gets the team.Didnt he and his wife buy a new house in the states in the last year?I think he has known the writing has been on the wall for some time now.

They should write it on his forehead.

I heard Bauer bad mouthing Simpson on CJOB. This was carefully crafted by a vindictive old President who wants to save his pal's job. If Simpson leaves this will create more problems for our club. After this latest event a house cleaning should be in order. The sacking of Kelly should be first in order. At season end both Bauer and Murphy should be sent packing. What Bauer did years ago should not mean he has a job for life. Especially if he has created a major train wreck the last 2 season's. The hiring of Kelly must be looked at. Why only minimum job search done by the President.

So, now it sounds like Simpson is having a change of heart.......

Yes, all just a smear campaign against him for sure.

Take off your tin foil hats you two.

Who says that Simpson has a change of heart ? That is only wishful thinking by a Kelly follower. Bauer was on radio bad mouthing Simpson. Go to CJOB audio vault and you can check for yourself. If he is not traded. He will be gone next season for sure.

Brown, Reid, Bob Irving ... All have hinted that Simpson has had a change of heart. That's been all over tv and radio clips. Kelly has made it clear that Simpson is welcome with the team, but at this point it is up to Simpson! Nobody - NOBODY has dumped on his play, the decision to rotate was injury related - just like it was with Armstrong. Everyone said Armstrong was so upset because he was told at game time and coach should have done it sooner, and in person - WELL - Simpson was told 5 days before game time, and now everybody's opinion is the COACH got that decision wrong too!

Now that I've read the articles, and I've seen the video clips from both sides. Simpson is being unreasonable! The coach did nothing to provoke this one before or after the fact!

As for Bauer's comment! Is it fact? If so, then it isn't fair to call it trash talk!

As for Asper vs Bauer. Bauer will not have a home in the Asper owned team. From what I remember (and I could be mistaken) Asper was on the bomber board and disagreed with Bauer so often he finally packed it in. SO - all you Bauer haters out there, don't worry. When Asper gets the club, Bauer will not be here, and you can be certain the coach won't be either (without miracle grey cup wins anyway). For now - you must find way to put up with what you hate so much!

Your comments on Bauer are flat out wrong regarding Asper. It was Bauer who sold and pushed Asper's vision to the Board of Director's. If not for Bauer the only thing Asper would own would be an old Blue Bomber pennant. When Asper takes over he just may crown his friend Bauer king of the Bombers for as long as he wants the job. As for Simpson he is gone at season end no matter what happens. Bauer and Kelly at this point are just trying to throw water on an out of control fire.

Hey say what you want about Bauer, but he is one of the main reasons our team didn't follow the same fate as the Ottawa Rough Riders. So be angry at him all you want, but at least we still have a team to be passionate about.
He is also one of the main reasons we have not won a grey cup in 18 years and probably won't win it for a few more years. It's ok though who needs to win games anyway right? :wink:

As I said "I could be mistaken" :slight_smile:
I remember Asper getting really upset with the Bomber board, and walked out. I thought Bauer was part of the problem in Aspers eyes. Sorry if I misled - I didn't mean to.

As for the latter - Simpson is putting himself in front of the team. Great players DO NOT DO THAT and I am very dissappointed in him for doing so. I watch all the clips, and Simpson is in the WRONG!

Sure the brass is throwing water on the fire, but they did not start it!

Hmmm - Must step back in after re-reading your comment.
What "Vision" are you talking about? The Stadium/Ownership? If so, that has nothing to do with what I am referring to.

Please elaborate!

Barrin Simpson was signing autographs at the Bombers fan appreciation day today. A fan who was there said he seemed pretty happy. To me, that certainly adds credence to the reconciliation stories.

Could be lack of choice... They won't trade him so like anybody you smile and you collect your paycheck.

Very important game tomorrow for Mr. Kelly and the Blue and Gold...

Lack of choice? Hmmm! He's not listed as a player on the BB website, and will not be played on Sunday. Seems like the Bombers have removed him from everywhere, but have still welcomed him back if he changes his mind!

Simpson does not have to do anything to collect his cheque. Sounds like he is trying to save face for a HORRIBLE decision on his part. He is learning that being selfish will get you nowhere!

Bombers still have to pay him. Now if he said I quit that would be different... As far as the Bombers removing him that is strange since he was at the fan day today... But confusion has become the norm... so who knows.

how is that trash talking? if barrin asked for his trade/release last season, why not mention it now when it is all over the press?

HfxTC: I think you misread my post. I know the Bombers have to pay him, but he did not have to be at the event today to get his cheque. The Bombers have essentially removed all of this responsibilty (yes, he will get paid) and are leaving it with Simpson to decide his own future. Come back and play, or sit around, do nothing and collect a cheque.

Simpson hurt his own trade possibilities by going public, so the Bombers are simply prepared to wait it out!

Simpson did not have to come out today, but did anyway. Respect for the fans? Respect for the Team? Both? Only Simpson himself knows for certain.