Bauer, Taman, Berry, Cartwright: Which 2 would you fire?

Just imagine that you have CEO/President Lyle Bauer, GM Brendan Taman, Head Coach Doug Berry & Offensive Coordinator Kit Cartwright blind-folded and propped up against a brick wall. You have a .303 rifle alongside you for company and only 2 bullets.

You may want to "shoot'em all" and let God sort them out, but you've got only 2 bullets. You must take down 2 men--no more and no less.

Which 2 men do you "fire?" Justify your choices.

Bauer and Taman gawd spidey . you're getting violent....why go to those extremes when a good swift kick in the arse, as they're going out the door, would suffice....definitely Cartwright and the special teams guy McDiarmid... :thdn:

Who's going to kick that crusty old dog Bauer out the door? He's the "captain" of this Titanic who has Berry and Cartwright steering with oblivion towards the iceberg.

I can't help but wonder what David Asper promised Bauer to sink this 2008 cruise ship; maybe Taman's on the take too.

It's also a joke that the Boners are still playing popgun Dinwiddie--I hope Montreal cripples the little dweeb so at least Glenn can come back in.

I also hope that Cartwright and Berry die in car accidents. If the Bomber brass wants to commit suicide, that's their business--let them do it on their own time. Why should they take us down with them?

Sabotage may be a French word, but it is the Bombers that are screwing themselves.

Ils peuvent aller le baiser eux-mêmes.

You fire them both at the same time!!!!!

Once again, spidey, who do you propose as replacements for Berry, Cartwright, and Taman? It's easy to call for mass firings, much less easy to bring in someone who can be demonstrably better.

I'd start with Cartwright and then see what happens. If Berry is letting the QBs call their own plays after the first half, clearly he doesn't have any faith in Cartwright. I'd fire cartwright and reserve my second choice for a coupla weeks.

That is a much more sensible suggestion. Can Cartwright, have Berry become the O.C., and give Glenn more control over calling his own plays. That could work. Firing the coaches, the GM, and the president is just absurd.

Exactly...I still believe there is a LOT of talent on offence. You can have all the talent in the world...but if they are playing the wrong system, well then you go 1-6.

Haha good god what a disturbing thread. Why do you got to go sadistic on us Spidey?

Yep, and if you need proof, my Als' offense was completely tepid last season under the inept 'leadership' of Jim Popp and Marcel Bellefeuille. With a few exceptions, it was mostly the same group of players. This year, that same squad has become one of the top offenses in the league. Coaching is important.

If I can fire Bauer/Taman myself, I'd give them each a roll of dimes, then tell them to put it toward their pensions.

i fire cartwright, simply because he is a drive killer, horrible play calling predictable offence and calls plays that will never gain a yard on a second and 8. next i fire berry because because this team just will not play for him, if your coach can't light a fire under his players he is failing to do his job, the team has not heart and berry is the one to blame for not giving it to them.

I ask you all once again: who would you get to replace Berry?

We can talk about firing Berry all the live long day, but unless you have a replacement in mind, it's just venting.


Now Piggy, you made a great post on the main forum.

Doug Berry really worked well with Anthony Calvillo. Youj made a point that Berry is NOT calling the offense this year. I like your suggestion in the main forum. Have Berry go back to calling the Offensive plays.