Bauer takes long view, says he'll stick with Taman, Daley

As reported by Ed Tait in the Winnipeg Free Press on Monday after the Banjo Bowl embarresment:

"Bauer takes long view, says he'll stick with Taman, Daley"

In other words, the Bombers better win their next 2 games or else Daley and Taman are sent packing.

What a mistake by Bauer. If things don'r happen in the off season, I think Bauer should go with them. I am going to be buying 3 season tickets next year....but if Bauer wants to be an idiot and keep garbage...I think I will save my money.

I just cant wait to hear the excuses after this team drops the last six games of the season. Uhhhh the effort was tremendous and anyone who cant see that knows nothing about football....or once we got our players lined up properly we played a lot better then last week.....or my personel favorite, were just not good enough yet to win the tight games.

Look at it this way, Burris in Calgary could be out for up to 8 weeks, Ottawa is tanking, as long a shot as it is, with a couple wins we could be tied for a playoff spot. The Bombers should be pulling out all the stops down the stretch and not settling for effort and corrections in alignment, these things should be a given on any pro team and not something you have work on game to game in a playoff race. If that doesnt tell you had how bad the coaching is, then I guess we know nothing about football...

suddenly I have re-gained a little glimmer of hope reading your post Pigseye.....but if this team can go 6 and 0 for the last part of the season I will be astounded.....that glimmer will probably be snuffed out Fri. against the Rens' ...but never say least till the numbers officially end it.... :shock:

sorry papa, didnt mean to give anyone any false hope, only meant to point out that we are tired of hearing the same lame excuses, its time to win a game, your in a playoff race, settle for nothing less should be the message from the coach, not great effort and we will get it corrected for next game. Correct it before the next game you putts and maybe you give your players a fighting chance......Daley is not head coach material, he has no clue how to prepare the team to win, only how to make excuses on what went wrong...

Bauer you shouldn't take such a long view, what I seen on the news tonight,was you and one of your bosses { Asper}, having a full fledge sreamathon, looked like he was man handling you to. In front of the players and all, Bauer you should keep the in house fighting, in the house...not outside where the camera's are rolling.