Bauer Steps In About The O

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Blue Bombers CEO Lyle Bauer told the Free Press in a phone interview on Sunday morning that the lack of offensive production needs to be addressed and he's looking at ways to aid Kelly.

"He's the offensive co-ordinator, the head coach and the quarterbacks coach. We need to get some relief for him in that regard. There's only so much one man can do," said Bauer. "Mike wears it. He takes this all on himself. He'd wash the uniforms if you asked him to. That's the passion he has for this team and this game."

Bauer was unsure if the club would be bringing in an offensive consultant or if they would promote from within.

Certainly would be a step in the right direction. . .

Perhaps they could start by allowing Bishop to call his own plays :rockin:

Bauer is a has been. He is not going to do anything to please the fans. He has even said so on OB in the past. He does not play fiddle to the fans. What really concerns him is that 25,000 were at the game. Not a sell-out. Next game will be less. That is the only thing that moves him. Bauer is just blowing off his big mouth. Who is he going to get to help Kelly at this stage of the season. Matt Dunigan, Dieter Brock ?? Get real. NFL cuts are coming and the airlift should start soon. Bauer should be dismissed as soon as possible.

...Kelly is going to have to face the 'facts' now....Bauer has just questioned his offensive schemes....that's akin to saying....Mike ...sorry ...what worked a decade ago is have to change it with help... no vote of confidence there....Beginning of the end for Kellys o.c. job....It'll be interesting to know WHO the new oc. will be ...someone from in-house.....or a CFL experienced type....ALL OF THIS ..however just points out the fact we have really just started the season :lol: and this move including securing a 'qualified' qb. should have been done a looooong time ago....To me that spells ineptness....You know you can always use the term 'growing pains' for this club i see it there is a certain amount of ineptitude attached to the present situation....and that my friend is inexcusable....What a collosal waste of time...If we manage to salvage anything this season it'll be a miracle....Going into next year, at least we'll know we have a decent defence... :roll: :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol:

If we're talking possible candidates for OC:

Danny Barrett
Kevin Strasser
uh...who else? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hard to hire mid-season.

Strasser is back working in the CFL, not as a coordinator but as an assistant. . . can't for the life of me remember where though. . .

Edmonton, I believe, but I would imagine his contract includes an escape clause if the new job is a promotion (which it would be).

Well we may as well speculate. . .

Strasser might be a good one, and while I agree that assistant coaches are usually allowed out of their contract to take a step up, which this would be, I'm not sure if that applies when the move is being made mid-season.

Barrett. . . I doubt he'd leave his cushy college job for anything less than a head coaching gig.

Doug Berry. . . has a better record as an offensive coordinator than as a head coach, but there's no way he'd accept working under the guy who replaced him, and I can't see him even being offered the position by Bauer who fired him; plus you might have a locker room revolt if he came back.

Matt Dunigan. . . has experience at being an offensive coordinator (not a great record mind you, but he was wearing too many hats and was saddled with a dreadful team and a meddling owner). . . and he's buddies with Kelly.

Milt Stegall. . . okay he's got no coaching experience whatsoever but he knows the personnel and let's face it, could he possibly do worse? And one thing would be certain. . . Milt Stegall would be on time!

I can't think of anyone else who might be available. . . I'd probably end up with Dunigan. . . he's the only one you could hire who Kelly might actually work with and not see as a threat to his position, they are good buddies after all. Any of the other ones would likely cause a locker room split and have trouble working with Kelly who would probably see in him his eventual replacement.

Is it even realistic to try and install a new offence mid-season?

Under normal circumstances I'd say no.

But these are not normal circumstances in Winnipeg this year.

Staying with same offence is just not an option, unless you are content to spend the rest of the season finding out who's offence is worse between the Bombers and the Argos.

....Matt Dunigan wouldn't leave his tsn job.......UNLESS he got a healthy chunk of cash....I don't know how much Bauer would be willing to spend on an o.c.'s a slim possibility....Dunigan and Kelly are pretty close....Would they try to implemement a form of the 'mysterious , fantastic, complicated , yet simple offence Kelly as espoused to ,....orrrrr would they let Matt start from scratch using his ol' qb. wiles , which would keep Kelly happy... :roll: :roll: This is a quandry the Bombers find themselves in////Starting an o.c. this late, so he really can't put his 'stamp' on the offence and joining a club with a 2 and 5 record with the 'faint-hope' clause being very apparent.....hmmmmm Sure gives a guy pause...and maybe the first words out of the 'potential' new recruit would be ....THANX ...BUT NO THANX...and that's all the Bombers will probably hear from any qualified/experienced cadidate , with regard to their belated position offer... :wink: :roll: :roll:

It's one tough situation for sure papa.

But I think we can all agree that the status quo is just not acceptable, something needs doing.'re right..................Are you listening Matty.....your boy is in trouble....sos, sos, sos.... :lol:

Only a young up-and-comer would step into the BB quicksand at this point. Mike Kelly & Lyle Bauer deserve each other and will likely suffocate under the pressure this year ( I hope so).

I knew the 2010 Bombers were doomed when Kelly assumed such a foolish, arrogant posture about quarterbacking in the CFL. He believed he could install his schemes and manufacture a QB. That's not the SITH ESKIMO way :twisted:

Moon had Wilkinson; Ham had Moon; Allen had Ham (I think) etc. etc.
1 SITH LORD, 1 APPRENTICE -- that is the Sith Eskimo way and the path to the DARK SIDE.

Kelly should have kept KG around long enough to tutor his apprentice, LeForce (is not with you, sorry). That is the Eskimo way.

The Bomber way is to acquire QB's: Jonas, Brock, Clemens, Dunnigan etc. Danny McManus was not worth developing, according to the Bomber braintrust (but I digress). If Bishop is the answer, we better hope for 100km/hr winds :oops:

We're doomed, I tell you. DOOMED :oops:

Close. It was Allen-Dunigan-Ham.

pappa that's golden :lol:

Bauer. Was it testicular cancer he had ? Cause man that guys has none.

1- You can't promote anyone. There isn't one guy in your organisation that has earned a promotion. Your going to promote Charlie Carpenter LOL! Murphy ROFLMAO ! The equipment manager is already negotiating contracts FC'Sakes...

2- There isn't ONE guy with a resume that checks out that will want any of the token jobs Kelly will be willing to let go.

3- Put your fakin pants on and make a call, stop bsing people and trying to do this by commitee. You made this mess, be man enough to make the call. Kelly can't be GM and HC so one of these positions need to be filled and you need an OC. It's not Rocket Surgery :slight_smile:

Not cool, and crossing the line. How are these douche bags allowed to post this crap on our boards??

Not cool ? Ok but what line ? Bauer has been Mr. Invisible since the season started, now he's Mr. Fixit ? Come on, what's he going to fix. He just wants to be seen as trying to do something cause he's obviously seen the writing on the wall. This team's offense is so bad and stinks so much at home that fans will start to stay away and that is where he is the most vulnerable.