Bauer Speaks

Lyle Bauer, President and CEO of the Winnipeg Football Club, issued the following statement today the incident that took place on July 14, 2009 at the Hamilton Tiger-Cats practice.

“In regards to the reported incident in Hamilton it should be noted that the WFC did not engage the services of this individual who attended an open practice for said purposes nor do we condone any such actions.

Although we have used the services of this individual in the past it has been in the area of personnel scouting including tracking of Canadian and CIS players.

We believe that our efforts are best spent in the areas of coaching and film study.

Our interests are in presenting a professional product for the entertainment of CFL and Blue Bomber fans. The focus of our Football Operations people remains on preparation for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats this weekend.?

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Does that mean, Mr Bauer, that if it HADN’T been reported, you WOULD condone it? Hmmmm?

Anyway…the whole quote reminds me of Richard Nixon…“I am not a crook”

He wasn't engaged by the WFC for the reported purposes of the incident. Definitely had a shyster draw that one up.

All this means is that the guy is not "paid" help. Hidding behind a payroll ledger. Some of these people must think we live in the eighteen hundreds... if i went to another teams practice...and drew up a few plays wearing my Bomber hat...and then was seen at a Bomber function....would i also be deemed a 'spy' and incarcerated....hmmmmmmmm...where are we going with this baloney.... :lol: :lol:

No, but if after you were spotted and approached and you told whoever spotted you that you were a scout for the bombers, the situation would be different. That's what happened. He wasn't just a fan watching a practice. His own words.

...yes ...but there's no rules or laws in the CFL governing this....IT MAY BE UNETHICAL...and i'm sure its been done before by other clubs... the fact remains, Cohon has said 'don't do it again/ fine,no suspensions...proves to me this has got blown a little out of proportion...wouldn't you say... :roll: