Bauer says Kelly is safe

Well, on the bright side, Kelly said he has no intention of bringing in Printers... :lol:

I can't beleive he had the nerve to call fans who are upset and want him fired"fairweather" and say "when we start winning there'll be no room for them". After all the crap that's circulated around him this year. The thing abot this situation now is, most of these so called fairweather fans were also Kelly supporters who have been embarassed after buying into his garbage and being left in the wind with the horrible display of football Sunday night.

Interesting how Kelly has no room for common sense and forgiveness. He's lucky he's not being judged by himself, cause with all the skrew ups and gaffes, if he used the same ruler on himself he'd have fired himself before the season even started.

I am starting to think he's just stupid and socialy inept.

I think he's referring to the fans who are saying "the Bombers suck and I have no plans to support them right now". He's fine with getting kicked as long as he is able to kick back. And I have the feeling he really doesn't care if fans want him fired as he likely sees that as part of the job description. Either you support and cheer for your team through bad times and good, or you can be called a bandwagon jumper, fair-weather fan, etc. Being disgusted with the coach and the team does not mean you are fair-weather. Being willing to put your money down only when they are winning DOES make you a fair-weather fan.

time for us bomber fans to buckle down and try to enjoy the ride (or atleast not commit any violent crimes along the way :wink: )

cause this mess wont be cleaned up until asper takes over!

i think the bomber fans are becomming the best fans in the league. the current longest non-grey cup streak, and you guys are still showin up, and givin it all, and even with this season, your fan numbers are awesome. although i kinda felt bad for bishop when he was booed off the field.