Bauer is out of Range !

Pretty sure they still count... :wink:

From the Free Press...

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Now I have NO idea what's gonna happen....We know we'll have a new Chairman next year...but beyond that, who knows? Reading that article, seems like both Bauer and Kelly could be back...?!?

Friday's gonna be REALLY interesting!

Also heard that Doug Berry's named mentioned for the head coaching job in TO. That would take us off the hook for the last year of his salary.

Looked at those GC stats again, Bombers are 1 - 4 in GC's since 1990. Getting there hasn't been the problem, winning has.

Lots of friction between Bauer and certain members of the BOD.

Shows you why this team needs to clean house but the board should do it on their timeline not Bauer's. Right now Bauer is trying to force their hand because there is an opening in Calgary that he covets, understandable on his part but he's signed the contract and he has a boss... as far as I know he does not own the franchise, but that is what 10 years of handling everything does, had the board been more implicated things would not be where they are now.

Board should leave Bauer in place, take certain tools away from him, like his ability to sign contracts limit his access to money and take away any HR functions out of his or his staff's hands. put a VP in place of their own choosing, fire Kelly and hire a GM with a straight line to them. It's ugly and chaotic but that gives Asper has 8 months to revisit everything and the board will have 8 months to develop and fine tune plan B.

When you have milk about to sour and waste, you might as well make yogourt out of it. Not great but better then sour milk.

Asper is greatly responsible for the current situation.

There’s no way Bauer would stay if those restrictions were placed on him…I don’t think you’d find an exec that would…

You live by the sword , you die by the sword.

Basically, confirmation that the BOD has no intention of firing Bauer and being on the hook for his salary for the next 2 years.

If he wants the Calgary job, he will have to resign and forgo the rest of his salary, whether he gets the Calgary job or not.

Nothing irresponsible from the BOD on this move.

Well said and I doubt the Calgary position pays anywhere near that :wink:

Eh... Generally peoeple start counting from 1954 as that's when only CFL teams could compete for the Cup.

Generally??? I dunno...

Generally recognized by Eskimo fans everywhere. :lol:

So maybe Chief would like to explain why it was called the 97th. GC and not the 55th. GC.


I count 97...

Gee, let me think about that... Oh, that's right, because there have been 97 Grey Cup games! However, prior to 1954, any team could compete for the Cup.

At any rate, it was only made to be a lighthearted comment. :wink:

But they were still won by the Argos. Different then let's say Stanley cups.... Habs have won 24 but 49 have been won by Montreal teams in that case I think it would not be right for the Habs to count those.

Same here Chiefee... and its just December :cry:

The best solution is to kick Bauer and Kelly out.

I'm not sold that Bauer is sticking around yet.

I don't think the BOD would want the job of hiring a new coach all on their own. I suspect, they would leave that decision up to whomever was replacing Bauer.

Ken Hildahl has said that the Stamps haven't asked for permission to talk to Bauer so it's unlikely Bauer would show up in Calgary immediately upon resigning from the Bombers. There would have to be enough time so there aren't any accusations of tampering.

Bet you he does not quit a quarter million dollar a year job, where you set your own hours decide to go on vacation and not tell anyone, come to work dressed as a lumberjack and don't answer to no one. :smiley: