Bauer is out of Range !

Bauer was a no show for his morning show :? and Doug Brown says an announcement is imminent, :? Calgary reporters are saying Bauer has purchased a house and will take over from Ackles.

Maybe both Kelly and Bauer will both be gone.

We'll see if "Operation Suave Miguel" worked or not LOL!

The winds of change are blowing.

Not much of surprise on the Bauer front, Kellys fate next.

Calgary's down one special teams coach...maybe this will be a package deal.

I can see it now:

Kelly in March: Signs Winnipeg's backup returner, convinces Huffer to cut Demetrius Summers before camp.

Kelly in training camp: "No one touches the kickers but me!!"

Kelly in week one: Dales is a game-time cut the next week following a bitter war of words.

Kelly in week five: "We're a great team in two phases of the game...we just need our kicking and our returns to match that of our offence and defence."

Kelly in week 7, after losing a game in which a league record is set for special teams turnovers: "Clearly we need to look at other options."

Kelly in week 8, after both kickers, the long snapper, holder and the returner they broke camp with have all been jettisoned: "we're gonna make this right. Maybe we oughta give that Jones boy who played in Dallas a call."

Kelly in week 18, after a 1-5 field goal performance and a league-low in return yards for a game costs the Stamps a playoff berth: "It's tough, but we're only a player or two away from being a real good team. Tomorrow, we're gonna come to work and do our best to make sure we're better next year...."

Are you really commenting on another teams special teams artie ?

Post of the century folks, congrats artie. :lol:

We’ve forgiven and moved on, remember?

And why are you worried about Calgary’s special teams?

Oh artie, we will never forget.

Calgary special teams ? You brought them into a discussion about Bauer moving on. You should ask yourself that question.

I was just speculating what might happen if Kelly becomes the Calgary ST coach, that's all.

And as for the other, seeing as you have so few recent Grey Cup memories of your own to hang on to (good or bad), I guess I don't mind you attaching yourself to ours.....

Artie is handling it internally :slight_smile:

Really, I think were about equal in that GC stat, 0 - 3 in the last 20, what are you guys 1 - 2 ?

We're just waiting for you guys to catch up overall, were it really counts, but whatever makes you feel better.

And we're still waiting for both of your teams to catch up to us. Sure is lonely here at the top. :smiley:

Exactly. Thank you!

And in all sincerity, good luck in Kelly's second year. We all know the sequel's better than the original, right? Right.

I thought the Argos had you beat ?

its gonna be pretty rediculous if we start the season with a new head coach

Trestman took over an 8-10 team from Popp who had been there a little over a year and took them to the GC. I don't understand the fear ... Kelly is brutal in every aspect that can be evaluated, even his bite is off. Kelly will never regain the respect of half the fanbase that dislikes him, he blew it with the fans, the media, the board, the wives, Valadosta... Getting ride of him might even entitle the Bombers a CO2 emission rebate.


Winnipeg Blue Bomber Chair Ken Hildahl tells CJOB there have been no discussions about the future of President Lyle Bauer despite rumours he may be leaving and going to the Calgary Stampeders. Hildal says they will be talking about it though:

Hildahl would not say what "clarified" meant, but he did say he hopes Bauer stays on. As for the coach, Hildahl says there has not been any discussion, yet.

I hope Hildahl is lying through his teeth. Cause if Bauer is gone and they have no plan other than to tell Bauer what their wishes were, this is going to be a tough situation ! This is very concerning, looks like these guys haven't done a darn thing in five weeks and have no clue where they are going.i

In their dreams, maybe. :wink:

says right there the argo's top you in the win category and we top you in appearances

A lot of Toronto's championships came before 1954.