Bauer gets the blame
It looks like Bauer has FINALLY worn out his welcome in Winnipeg--thank God!
Take your pet monkey MK with you!

People are getting impatient. There has been one incident of vandalism (the Bomber plane was damaged) and one arson at the stadium since the Bombers lost to Hamilton (I saw it on CKY news and no, it wasn't me).

That was the most ridiculous survey I've had the displeasure of reading. The results say they want to keep all but 3 players, all of the assistant coaches and John Murphy but fire Bauer and Kelly. Does anyone actually believe that it's possible to keep the team and assistants intact after bringing in a new HC? :roll: Some of the questions were wrong (ie it was Picard's and Gauthier's decisions to not re-sign, not the team deciding to not re-sign them) or contradictory (ie Goodspeed/Bowman trades).

You aren't actually suggesting that those acts of vandalism were fans expressing their displeasure?

Yes, I am.

If he had any integrity Bauer would quit.

10 years and not ONE championship in an 8 team league. If he really cared he would turn it over to someone else.

Just because it was a dumpster on stadium property doesn't mean it was disgruntled Bomber fans who set the fire. And that article you linked to doesn't suggest it either. Maybe it was someone who was bummed out about paying full price at Silver City or maybe Toys R Us would let them return their toy.

I took the survey last week,and I wanted Bauer gone and decided to keep Kelly.I like Bauer buts its time for a change.But I also think Bauer may leave on his own this year.

My fav question was the one about Glenn,last year 82% wanted him punted,but now this year 66% thought it was a bad move for the team to boot him. :lol: be carefull what you wish for I guess.I admit I was one of the ppl who wanted his release,and still think it was a good move,not that I dont think he was the best option,I just got tired of ppl crapping all over him and thought he could go to another team and be better off for his own career.

Yes some of the questions can be misleading and you have to know how each player was aquired,its not for the avg fan,cause if player A was traded for player B,one cant say it was a bad move to trade player A,and a great move to get player B.I was left scratching my head a few times on who walked out,got traded or wanted to traded and free agents and all that. :?

This part here was interesting and confusing......

" Starter Michael Bishop and third-stringer Ricky Santos tied for the lead among QBs under contract, but both got a paltry 9.8% of the vote."

I guess that leaves some hope for Bishop fans??? As for Ricky, I still do not recall him throwing a pass in reg season? A likeable cute fellow I guess is his draw.

It would be sad if both Bauer and Kelly left.

If they were gone, what in the world would housedog and sanjay have to moan about?

lol...they'll find something I'm sure...

There would be nothing to complain about. I would be very happy if they punted both of them.

lol...the Sun put as much thought into the survey as they do with most of their Bomber coverage...

Which raises a question.

I've often heard of disgruntled fans. . . and disgruntled postal workers. . . and so on.

What does it mean to be "gruntled"?



/?gr? adj humorous happy or satisfied

Although he wasn't actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.

(Definition of gruntled adjective from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Ah thanks. . . so then, I take it that while Calgary fans were disgruntled at the result on Sunday, Rider fans were gruntled?

That's my understanding... lol