Battle-tested Mitchell is ready for WSF

If you ever wanted to see how much playing football in Canada can change someone’s life, Bo Levi Mitchell is the most recent example.

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We know Bo will be ready.......the question is, are the Riders ready for him

Go Bo

Win or Lose Bo Levi Mitchell will go down in CFL history as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. I wish coach Dave Dickenson and the Stamps all the best in their playoff quest for a Grey Cup in 2021. :interrobang:

There is no doubt the Rider's DID NOT really get better on the O side of things as this season went on....But the Rider D is still very good. It is also very apparent the Stampeders did improve all around. It is also apparent BO is not the QB he was two and three seasons back. But it also seems the #2 has what it takes. Huff has always had a QB in waiting that seems ready for prime time when the need arises. This should be a very good game

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Statistically Bo had an awful year, not even close to being a league leader in any important category & an td/int ratio of 10/13 absolutely sucks for a starter. He has to win this game( & more) to salvage what will be otherwise a dreadful year for him.

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Yep, they were quite ready.

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