Battle Tested: 3 key defensive veterans in Calgary will be previewing the 2021 season, breaking down special teams, defence and offence for all nine teams as they get set to hit the field.

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Im pretty sure were ready to roll again. Calgary is a lowkey GC contender

Not much mention of the DE's with Casher & Law elsewhere. DT's are good, LB's are good if Wall plays SAM... BUT Greenwood is 36 & has played 40 games in 6 CFL seasons. Big blank on his record for 2017 as he spent the entire season on IR. As for the DB's, no hiding the fact that Roberson & Brandon Smith are missing. So, for me 5 big question marks on D. They were middling in sacks in '19 & half of their sacks came from Law & Casher. Monson has his work cut out for him. It will be an interesting year in Calgary.

i think Connor Mcgough will impress many people

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yes I agree Greenwood is a concern
Here are 2 scenarios with the starting 7 Canadians
Scenario 1- Lawerence, McEwan, Scevior, Mayala, Wiggan, Greenwood, Metchie
Scenario 2- Lawerence, McEwan, Scevior, Mayala, Sindani, Wiggan, Metchie

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I see that Greenwood was placed on the injured list today (see transactions). Hopefully it's not long term.

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i would think Greenwood would be out longer then Mcgough who was also put on the injured vet list. i was talking to Mcgough myself though so got injury update from the direct person regarding his injury after seeing Danny's tweet. i've been friends with Connor for 4 years , so he would tell me the truth about his injury . so likely Mcgough will be back soon so sometime during camp for sure. players on injured vet list can participate in training camp activities if / when there able to