Battle of the Cats - BC @ Hamilton

Well I don't think it will be this season and I'm 21-9 so far including 2-0 so far this week! :smiley:

First team to club Hamilton at home could be the Argos :rockin:
For the game later;
BC Lions - 12
Hamilton - 29

Hmm. Are they going to cut away from the finish of the 3rd round of the PGA Championship or will some of the TSN channels not be showing a huge chunk of the Cats and Lions game? At the rate they are playing it won't be until practically halftime of the Cats game for the golf to finish.

That may have been the easiest scoring drive this season. Could be a long night for BC.

How the heck did that happen? Incredible! Brandon Friggin Banks! Thee most electrifying player in the CFL

And that wasn't just anyones tackle he broke. It was Solomon Elimimian :o

Brandon "Casper" Banks!

And the offence goes two-and-out. :expressionless:

BC is playing like they already lost.

Medlock bounces it off the crossbar. About the only positive for BC so far.

I leave to refill my drink and it's 14-0. Good grief. Glad I picked Hamilton.

And... THAT is why you don't come to OUR house!!

I hope BC scores soon. Not looking forward to a three hour blowout.

Nice tackle by National Mike Benson. Tackling Brandon Banks in the open field is no easy task


Black's really fascinated by Underwood's hair.

Ummagumma - this is the hammer in Hamilton there man! 21-0 Tiger Cats

Oy Vey. :roll: 21-Bagel

TD by one half of Kid N' Play

I think I might take a nap while I wait for the second game. This one is over.

The good news for the Lions is that there's only 3 quarters left in this beatdown