Battle of the Cats - BC @ Hamilton

With only mainly single tickets left for this game it will be another sellout for Hamilton at THF. And look for Luke Tasker to have a big game - or should I say Ti-Cats fans like me hope he has a big game. The reason Bakari Grant is out, joining Fantuz on the sidelines - so you know Collaros will be relying on Tasker a lot. So if Rod Black is doing the game get ready to hear about his dad Steve Tasker a few times. :roll:

Safety Butler out for the Ti-Cats too.

Ti-Cats have not announced yet if it will be Holley or Grigsby in at running back playing for the injured CJ Gable.

Bakari is out? That's not good, Toliver, Tasker, Coates and Sinkfield are all going to have to step up their game.

Grant is out?
When did they announce that?
I have him in my fantasy pool for this week. :roll:

Courtesy Grover on the Ti-Cats board confirmation Grant is out and Holley will be the running back - not Grigsby.

Man, that's rough. He's been having a great season.

Maybe Austin the HC is doing Austin the GM a favour; keeping Grant's numbers down may lower his value on the FA market next season. :lol:

Watching Bakari Grant from the stands the past two games, the guy just seems to lope down the field and in both games it seems the Argos and the Bombers just let him stand there wide open, obvious blown coverage. Even with Colloras throwing that long high pass, Grant just stands there waiting for the ball.
Even with Grant out and the Ticats with not much of a running game, they will beat the inconsistent Lions. Won't be a blow out but 21 - 10

I'm with you on Grant and have noticed his inconsistency over the years. One thing Grant does that the Ti-Cats will miss is stretch the field, for Grant has big-play ability after the catch and cannot be even slightly ignored. Whoever covers Grant cannot be lapsing at any time on any play, but whoever covers Grant tightly usually prevails.

Damnit just when you think you have an easy pick in the VGCC with of course no lead safe in the CFL anyway, the Ti-Cats pull this. Now Grigsby out and Grant out.

If it were not for that awesome front seven on their defence, I'd be reconsidering my pick.

I'm thinking defence with field position and special teams, much like Edmonton last night, will be more the way things play out in a closer game than it should have been. That means also in a close one-score game at the half that the Ti-Cats cannot afford a turnover in the second half.

Now I have the heebie-jeebies about this game for some reason too. :?

Congratulations to all Tiger-Cat fans for selling out THF tomorrow for the game against BC, I’m sure they will be loud as ever when Lulay calls the signals.

It should be a great game tomorrow in the Hammer!!


With all the talk about Sask's record and the polls about when they'll win, I'm surprised no one has started a poll asking when the Cats will lose their first home game.

For the record, I don't think it'll be this weekend. But then I'm 13-16 at the moment, so what do I know. :lol:

Surely you guys aren't that out of touch with the game you're fans of? Blown coverage can't happen in the first place unless the receivers (especially the one it's thrown to) deceive the DB's. ie. more than one of them.

Start like a decoy or crossing route receiver, and quickly transform into something else. Much like the great Collins TD @ Sask.

I don't think it will be any time this season actually.
Serious home field advantage in the new stadium in the Hammer!

Streaks are made to be broken. :wink:

Yeah - but apparently not until you win 11 in a row - as the Jays found out tonight. So I'll stick with my cats (the Ti-Cats) in this feline baattle.

No I'm not that out of touch with the game, my comment was that Bakari in both games, ran down the field uncovered and then waved his arms at the QB and then stood in the end zone by himself waving his arms and just waited for the ball no DB anywhere near him.

Well there is slight chance of thunderstorms later today here in Hamilton but otherwise it is a warm, very humid and VERY hazy day that will be a sticky one tonight at Tim Hortons Field. Game time temperature is expected to be in the 26C range with the Humidex near 35C at game time.

You may recall I posted a picture of Tim Hortons Field from my balcony last week - well this week it is so humid and hazy that I can barely make out THF just 4 km away.

It is just to the left of the apartment in the centre of this pic. (and yes that is First Ontario Centre (formerly Copps Coliseum to the right - so you can sort of say I have a sporting view :slight_smile:). As you can see a VERY HAZY summer day here.

As long as the Jays loose The Jays always go hot and cold. Adding 50 million to the payroll will not change anything... bring out the brooms..haha.
As for the football game.. It is basically a forgone conclusion that Hamilton will win.. BC has a terrible football team that has nothing to play for. If BC can even win 7 games this year, they will still get into the playoffs... Montreal and Winnipeg will both be lucky to win 6... The Riders are going to take at least one game from Winnipeg.

And I had Collins Jr. Tried to add Dionte (?) Spencer from the Argos (who had a solid game) and he isn't even listed!!!! :x :?

I've said it before - picking the Ticats to win at home is a pretty safe bet.