Battle of the bottom feeders. The rematch!

Who do you think will win the rematch. Hamilton or Edmonton?

....I think Edmonton will prevail.....and NOT because Maciocia played the Pride card again (how many times does that work?!) but because Ray and his offense is a better unit than Maas and his offense and the EEs always seem to do well at home......the unknown element? Lumsden, will he factor or not?....

R&W Shame on you! Are you feeling sorry for the Eskimos?
I thin the Cats will come in more motivated! That is why the Cats may take this one once again! The pride card can only be used once :lol:

...I agree the Pride card can only be shown once....but shame on me?, no way, I just think Ray will pull one out of his butt tonight and take the W......

Its ok R&W, Mongo, JM02 and Ro let me in on your little secret! You closet Eskie fan you!

i hope we take it:) i have a feeling its gunna be a high scorin game

go cats go, knock those eskies out of the race

I want the Cats to win reallllly bad, but I am praying.. cause the odds of it happening are small, very small!

I think the Esks will re-bound. Even though it would be nice for a Ti-Cat win, Eskies play well at home.

I would put my money on Hamilton.

...go won for BigDave...i know he's in the stands ... for this game..I hope Lumsden runs wild on the the dancing fairies team....Could give BigDave a lttle bit of something to look forward to...go Cats ... :thup:

unfortunately i too believe that the esks have a HUGE upper hand in this… but of course i dont want them to win… goo cats go!!

regardless of who wins, i believe it will be within 3 points

I KNEW I should have picked the Cats!!!

holy sh8t Hamilton won :o

Man, I love the CFL.....

I picked them to win because there was no way Maas would lose this baby! Is there a pulse on the corpse :lol: :lol: :lol: Trading partners getting each other out of the playoffs now that is justice!

Well, if Winnipeg wins one more game, were in baby! of course, with Montreal, that's a big if.

If you mean in the playoffs, Wpg has to win 3 or EE has to lose 3 or any combo of the 2

...i think every team in the east has to start winning....not just the Bombers....cripes if we beat the Als. tomorrow....and the Argos drop one to the stumps....we could be tied for first.....tight heh... :rockin: :lol: