Battle of the Beleaguered .."O" LINES

...Who's gonna win this one.....Montreal has definitely got some offensive line problems....i just don't know if they're as bad as ours...We can take some comfort in the fact the Lions sacked Calvillo 12 times in the last game that the Als' played....Could this be a signal to Walls...Canada....Brown ...and crew its crunch time...I think the Montreal Alouettes can be had...GO Big Blue.... :thup: :rockin: ...any thoughts???????

we should just send the house after him on every play and hope to put him out early. beating back up qbs is becoming our specialty this year.

sending the house isn;t needed. just anormal play by the BC D was bringing down calvillo. And i think our D line is just as possible of doing it. i think the defence should just keep playing their normal game and they will beat up the als o line.