battle of the backup qbs

I had thought it was a given that adrian was the number 1 backup.

However, I was not impressed at all with him today. I was much more impressed with Reilly and Nichols play in recent games.

If BC loses Reilly, I am really going to be bummed.

Saw Nichols play the last 5 mins in the Calgary game yesterday. When I see a quarterback miss 2 open guys on his last drive, I'm not so sure anymore. He didn't look like he had a strong arm. Now I haven't watched much of Nichols so I shouldn't be judgemental but.......

I have seen Reilly throw bullit passes. I hope you guys can keep him....vbg

Matt Dunnigan was talking about McPherson during the game, and how AC's offense isn't well suited to him.

Bollocks. The offense you saw today has absolutely nothing to do with our normal offense. We're actually a deep-ball team this year, we lead the league in success with the long ball. But Trestman had McPherson dinking and dunking all day long today.

Ive said for ahile, Mcbackup (I actually heard Stegall copy me and call him this today!) hasn't shown me any of the crap that so many spout that he is the next big thing. Brink outplayed him today, with less weapons. I'm happy with the QB's we have.