Battle of Southern Ontario

Let’s here some predictions. Some thoughts on the game. I’d love to hear from the neutral sides. My take is the Argos make it 16 straight as McManus and the Cats O are brought back to earth by the Argo D, and the Argo O plays a solid game.
Argos 32 Ti-cats 15.

argos will win in a tight one. hamilton is confident after their first win, but it was against the bombers.
Argos 24, Ticats 17

I hope that I am wrong but it is really hard to beat the same team back to back.

The ARGOS have not preformed well after 10 days rest.

The CATS , will be at home and confident. L.D. games have that home field magic.

CATS by 2

I see what you mean, but consider this, the Argos came off 12 days rest and got picked apart by Calivillo in the first half...that's a lot different then having to play McManus. Also the Argos have played poorly against Edmonton and Calgary and still found a way to win. We would have to play like peewees to lose this one. :lol: I wrote I hope that you are

I hope I am too. :lol:

Battle of Southren Ontario? Sorry Champs, I like my nickname better! :wink:

"Golden Houreshoe Classic"!!!!

when toronto came off that bye week....THEY DIDNT START ALLEN....or they'd probably be 7-2 right now.
that said, argos will win back-to-back!!!!!

:lol: Actually I like yours better too.

Hamilton will see a much better defense than what they saw last week.

Toronto by 10

GO CATS GO.........I hope Hamilton pulls it off ..I can empathize with them and they way there season is going so far

Toronto would not even be in the league if the other teams didn't bail them out of debt. Your city is a joke, its is the biggest city, and you guys couldn't even support a CFL team. The Jays are next.

"Your city is a joke"

What an arrogant statement.

What a lame comment, i love the jays, and the raptors, and Toronto, it is a hockey city, but a great city none the less!! Apologize to the t-dot young man!

Hey its his opinion …doesnt mean I agree with it…I love visiting TO and its a great Hockey town , Leafs use to be my team now I cheer for the Flames…

Assargo called Regina a hole… yet no one except me said anything about it… care to comment on THAT?

Your free to critisize… but dont single out someones comments and then brush off anothers same type of comment…that is all I was saying.

I Actually Do Kinda Agree With Him, That Year It Was Horrible How Few People Were Coming Out To The Games. I Was One Of The Few In The Stands That Year And Dispite Having Lots Of Leg Room I Was Really Disapointed That Not Even 0.5% Of The Population.

However That Said I Recall Hamilton Being In Even Worse Shape Then The Argos At This Point In The Season They Were Sitting At 0-8 (Shacking Head While Looking At The Ground) The Attendance For The Labour Day Classic Was Around 18,000 However The Next Year They Sold Out, It'll Be Interesting To See If The Hamilton Fans Jump Ship Like Their 1-15 Season. Maybe Today I'll Get That Leg Room In Hamilton That I Like So Much.

And I Hope The Jays Leave Town.

Even though the Argos are a better team than the Tabbies, and should win, there's always an unsettling feeling about them going to Ivor Wynne for labor day. Hamilton always raises the caliber of their game, and this year should be no different. However the Argos do too, argos in a tight one.

Every CFL team [except EDMONTON, which has always been the class of the CFL] has needed help at one time or another. :smiley:

Toronto and HAMILTON , have turned things around thanks to the other members of the CFL family , great new ownership , and the FANS. THANK YOU. :smiley:

It would not be a great CFL , with only 7 teams.

OTTAWA, was the latest team in trouble.........and the ARGOS and HAMILTON , are helping them.

Toronto , is a hockey town and we are competing with THE LEAFS , THE BUFFALO BILLS , THE RAPTORS , the JAYS and an American , want to be, SPORTS media.

Does TORONTO/HAMILTON have fickle fans?..........yes.

But hopefully this turn around will last along time.

Baseball is boring.............the RAPTORS are not getting the fan support they use to , and the BILLS suck , now .

The LEAFS survive because their fans have a " this is our year " mentality , every year.........regardless of how bad the team is.

The LEAFS owners know this and do little to improve things, because they make so much money this way. It has been that way since 1967.

THE ARGOS have always had great T.V. ratings , and still do.........but the nice thing is that people are coming out to see the games live , now.


Dentor, I for one am not brushing off others' statements. I simply choose to not respond to most of the garbage saskargo posts. Personally, I like Regina. I have family there and go often.