Battle of Ontario closes out Week 8

TORONTO — For the first time this season the Toronto Argonauts will take on their provincial rival the Ottawa REDBLACKS as they close out Week 8 of league action.

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Dispite Toronto playing a winless Ottawa team and dispite the best game of the year being played last night between Winnipeg and Calgary, I wouldn't even give 2-1 odds that the guys on The Waggle will spend 20 minutes talking about the Toronto/Ottawa game while spending less than 5 minutes talking about the Calgary/Winnipeg game on their weekly podcast.

Official podcast of the CFL, my a$$, offical podcast of the Toronto Argos is more accurate.

Possibly. But I mean when you have Henoc Muamba as a co host, you kinda need to spend a lot of time on the Argos as he can give insight. Be slightly entertaining if Toronto loses but we will see.

Would be tough to best yesterdays tilt, still hoping for a well played close game, who knows maybe Ottawa squeaks one out.

Here's a thought, and I know this is really thinking outside the box, instead of having the same player from the same team on every episode and seeing that you are supposed to be the offical podcast of the CFL, have different players on from different teams every episode. The technology to do distancing co-host is available.
Do you not think think guys like Adam Bighill or Larry Dean or Bo Levi Mitchell or Bryan Burnham or Eugene Lewis could add some interesting insight?

Oh absolutely.