Battle of Alberta

Well, with the Riders winning tonight, it looks like the Eskimos will be able to redeem themselves in the Battle of Alberta by knocking off the Stamps before taking down the Riders.



NOW, this is how I like it, let the Riders heal up some important players.. and get some rest, while the Esks and Stamps beat each other up, rough game so that they're already down a few steps when one of them comes to Regina! :slight_smile:

The battle of Alberta is DEFINITELY the most fun to watch CFL rivalry right now. Always an exciting game with an exciting finish.

Only wish this happened in the Grey Cup last year, oh well, time to see who would have won in this "what if" Grey Cup match up as I am offically dubbing it. Anyone that wants to use that line has to ask me for premission, and I charge 2 cents everytime you do, and will file criminal charges if you use it w/o my premission. :lol:

Minus the horrible horrible blowout this year, in my opinion (but it's biased) the Riders and Bombers rivalry is the best!

Yep, no question, only two to meet in the Grey Cup besides Montreal and BC, which don't really count. No one else comes close!

I think the Esks v Rider rivalry has been taking over lately. Especially with all those Rider fans invading Commonwealth. This playoff game will definitely bring out the battle of alberta to its finest hour.

Who to cheer for? uughhh... got to think about it... might have to cheer for the Eskies?? or Stamps?? or

Yes, cheer for the Eskies. We seem to be playing well in Regina this season. :wink:

Anyone who knows me at all knows how painful it is for me to even consider cheering for the Esks.. Unless it helps to put the Riders into a better place in the standings.. I usually cheer for the Esks once a year.

That just means we are due to beat you :wink:

Of course if we play Calgary then that logic goes out the window and I'll say they haven't beat us all year :lol:

Won't everybody be cheering for the Eskimos this weekend?

If you are an Eskimos fan, you'll be cheering for them.

If you aren't an Eskimos fan, you'll be cheering for them so Danny Maciocia stays on for a few more years. :twisted:

If the Schmoes beat my Stamps, which, is a very real possibility given that the Stamps are a Jekyll & Hyde type team I would have to then cheer for the Schmoes against the Riders because the I can't stand the thought of the Riders in the GC.

I never thought I'd see a day where I would actually cheer for Edmonton :lol:

^^ You’re finally crossing over to the good side. We’ll be happy to have you! :wink:

I don`t think the eskimos have any first round picks to waste on a kicker...
might have been the most retarded move ever, then he gives himself a raise lol