Battle of Alberta: Round 2

Have I said how much I love Walker before? One play, one score. 7-0 Esks.

If Edmonton wins this game, the Commissioner might as well email the 4 teams in the East and say, "Only 2 of you will be going to the playoffs in 2016. Good luck!"

More fake FG’s, more regret.

Lynch, you have one job, man. Wasted field position.

Nah. Lynch just screwed up the handle.

TSN, fix the audio!

Mine's on mute, anyway.

Edmonton does have a tough Schedule going forward - minus next week.

Inches short. Another turnover on downs. Esks giving Stamps plenty of opportunities.

Lacey pick! Esks get it back.

And the Stamps give the opportunities right back...

Would not have expected such a sloppy game with these two teams...

Bowman TD! But it looks like Reilly took another hit. Needs better protection.

14-0 Esks.

From the Commissioner's desk :
email update and memo correction Kev............"Only the Ti-Cats and the REDBLACKS will be going to the playoffs from the East in 2016. Good luck!"...........Montreal and Toronto teams need not apply.

Man Calgary looks flat.

Should've been a sack. Come on, Esks. Thankfully Grant missed the catch.

Looking like both D's have settled in.

Willis, you're an idiot. Stupid penalty to take.

Stamps FG. 14-3

Whyte chews up 30+.

How big a crowd are they expecting in Edmonton today? It looks like it may be very good. Maybe approaching 40,000?

Just as an aside - if you have a minute during a commercial or halftime flip over to ABC and checkout the crowd they have for a Tennessee - Virginia Tech game that they are playing half way between the schools at the Bristol Motor Raceway track. Something like 150,000 at the game. Quite the incredible scene.

They built the football field on the infield of the track in 10 days. Tons of dirt to raise the ground by 3-4 feet. Then laid out an Astro Turf Field on top of that.

Esks FG. 17-3. 0:52 left in the first half.