Battle of Alberta, Cal/Edm Edm/Cal LDC

Calgary is on a run, and Edmonton isn'r as good as they can be, but my heart's saying that the Sramps will dominate both games, but my head saying that they will spilt both games, and my heads been very good this season than my heart, so I'm going with my head onthis one.

Calgary is running high after beating Montreal last week, Burris is on fire, Danny Mac is playing will to back him up, Copeland got his A game going, etc. Bottomline, this is a great Stamps team, why on earth they aren't in frist or doing better than they are now, cuz they got the talent, is a mysertry, but theres no doubt that will ride right though this 2nd half of the seaon into a playoff spot. Edmonton, on the other hand, can't seem to get it togerther, and seem doomed to fall out of the playoff race in the next few weeks unless a miricle happens. However, with Ray and Tucker running the show, I believe EE will come out of this baltle with at least one win, thanks to the combination of Ray and Tucker in a close game next week, which will just have to see if that's enough to save the team's legacy and Macocia's job.

Calgary: 39
Edmonton: 10

Edmonton: 27
Calgary: 23

You know, I kinda figured KK would start a thread on this just by the shoes he's wearing: flip flops. :roll:

where I come from, we call them thongs! :lol:

I was hoping that another poster would start this, but no one did, so I finished what I started, do you like my expert take on the games?

Well the Eskies do have the Machokie factor! So how will he screw up his team this time and can he recover. I think it will be a good close game though.

Now there's a mental cold shower in itself: KK (or any male regular for that matter) in a thong... shoes or otherwise. (all together now, "YARGH!!")

I'm going to Calgary for the game so my guess is the Esks won't let me down.

Esks will sweep the series. Bombers will sweep the series against the Riders. Then it will be on!

Ah EE better be sure to travel with someone to console you on the way home! Yes I know thats a terrible way to spend a stat holiday! Next week I do not things will change but we will see I guess. You can never give up on your team.

...very ture....but Kanga prefers to refers to them as filp folps...i won't get into the the thong thing.... :lol: :lol: :lol: ...good poll though mate.... :thup:

Dad do not tease the bomberfans!

Dad's fine, it's Mongo that got the issue of me wearing my thongs to downtown and around the house, they are more comfortable than my shoes, they don't stink either (not that is something you guys should worry about more), you either totally missed the boat on what mongo was implying, or are one very disturbed individual..... :lol:

Once again, KK ignores subtle humour and generalizes everything. If you took the time to read my post thoroughly you would see that it was a tongue in cheek joke about guys in thongs in general, not you specifically, but after further speculation, (pun fully intended) “if the shoe fits…”

Well Eskie fans one more sleep! Before your boys step on the turf! Can they fix their season this game and the one after. I guess we will see sleep good Eskimo fans! :lol: :lol:

For Winnipeg sake, I hope Calgary shuts EE down this week, and hopfully the next.

EE why is it you are wrong a lot lately!

Well, gotta give credit where credit is due ... KK predicted a 29-point spread, and it was 21 ... not off by much!

I do predict that Edmonton will win the return match, just because these home-and-homes almost always end up in splits, especially with two rivals like this.

Not so fast kingosobeee! Ithink they will lose as well in Edmonton maybe a bit closer but the Stamps keep rolling!

Thanks Canuckev, I really didn't think I would be ever close to being right on any for these points.

I also think that Edmonton will win at home, but for Winnipeg's sake, in my heart, I hope they lose.