Battle in the trenches

Forget the QB situation for a minute. We lost the last couple games down in the trenches. Calgary and Edmonton picked us apart on both sides of the ball. Coming into labour day, Richie Hall will have the defence keying in on Roberts and the struggling O-Line he's playing behind, and we should be moving to a more mobile QB which should help on the offensive side of things.

Do you think the riders will be able to get back into form down in the trenches and get the win this Sunday?

uh... yea!?!?!?

O-Line with January back will be fine....especially with a mobile QB back their again. Just an added note can't say enough about the play of January so far, he's been stellar

As for the D-line...i think we're still in trouble. I like Kitwana but he's to small to be on the D-line. Chucky adams is just that, a chunk of a human being and to slow, Shultz is still awesome but he can't do it by himself and he's not gettin any younger and Chick is our Brent Johnson but needs someone other than Jones on the other side to help keep the QB contained to get a better shot at a sack.

I know its not gonna happend but i would have loved to see Chick on one end and a healthy Jurineak on the other....but alas it'll never happen