Battle for first tonight!

Just over an hour away. Who will come out leading the Eastern Division?

Go Bombers!

like the sig mate

Winnipeg all the way tonight!

The all Mighty Als return tonight boys and the bomber fans will be running to the bomb shelters! ha ha ha Go Als Goooooooooooooooo! Viva Le Als!

The bombers will pluck the larks tonight.

ah ah a ha ha right have ever caught a bird! other then a dead chicken! By the way did Taman sign the worlds fastest chicken yet! :lol: Tell him he can find him at KFC! But he is no longer running ha ha ha

Good game tonight, the Als deserved the W, they seemed to control the game for the most part, but as Napolean Dynamite would say.....GOSH, have you ever seen so many dumb penalties and missed opportunities, I think a few guys on both teams played their final games tonight.

We want names Piggy.

How do you like beating us in Montreal and then losing to us at home? Personnaly, I would have prefered to swap these wins, as I always thrive for a win at home. But hey. What's done is done and I will take a win anywhere.

The way I see it, it is still a three way dance at the top. The Bombers aren't out of it.

In the meantime... GO STAMPS !

Ahhhh the Als are finally back and winning! Those bomber fans are well on the way to eating some crow!

Congrats to Montreal for their win. They played well and deserved to win. We are still master of our fate so on we go for two weeks of fun in the sun...