Battle for 2nd in the East, Monday October 12.....

Are you boys and girls ready for this......

Objects in your mirror are closer than they appear....(WPG is the object in your mirror)

See ya'll Monday...Hopefully we get revenge for week 3.....

Yes it is getting close in the East. Congratulations to Winnipeg for recovering from a disastrous start.

I have to say I never thought it would be a question for second in the East this year at this point. Our team has really gone downhill since being 4-2. 2-5 in the last seven games doesn't cut it. Second place should've been sewn up a couple weeks ago, maybe not mathematically but for practical purposes.

I think the Cats should be able to hang on to second if they win on Monday. If the Bombers win it will go down to the wire. Luckily the toughest part of the schedule (four games against Calgary and the Als) is over now.

It's a must-win Cats, if you don't want to be playing for your lives in the last couple of weeks.

I expect the winner of this game to finish second. WPG is HOME for 3 of their final 4 (including HAM's visit the final weekend) while HAM is AWAY for 3 of their 4. WPG is home & away in an 8-day period with MTL and it wouldn't surprise me to see them win one of those, with MTL playing for nothing but practice. I wouldn't expect HAM to win in WPG on Nov. 8. Would expect HAM to win in TOR, but they won't be favoured for the the other two -- at MTL and home to SSK. WPG's other home game is against BC.

A bit of news in our favour re: Gavin Walls

Winnipeg Free Press - 9/10/2009 Ed Tait

Knee hobbles sack king Walls

Bomber may miss rest of the season.


All the more reason for the O Line to find there stride and provide superior blocking for the run and pass game. The weather may be a bit of a problem on Monday so all the more reason to ram it down the Peg's yap. The run open up the pass.

With only 5 games left until the end of the regular season, this game against Winnipeg is our most important game this year. With Montreal clinching first place in the eastern division (11-2) and solifying there position for the eastern finals, we need to solify our position for second place in the east by beating Winnipeg who is only 5-8..a game behind us.

We still have to face Montreal next week and there going to be almost impossible to beat next week. The following weeks we still have Toronto, Winnipeg again on there turf and Saskatchewan who is hard to beat also.

The only games I feel confident that we can win are the Winnipeg games and Toronto. These are a MUST WIN. If we dont win these games, im worried that we will drop to third and possibly lose that playoff position in a crossover from a western team. BC, Edmonton are neck and neck with us. I would be really concerned and if i was Hamilton i would be looking behind there shoulder.

This is what its all coming down to folks...we need to see if Hamilton has waht it takes to win and clinch second place and focus on the semi final game against probably either Winnipeg, BC or Edmonton.

GO CATS GO!! Lets make some noise and support these cats on thanksgiving!!!
We know how pumped the cats get when there is a lot of noise in the stands


After the critical Thanksgiving Day contest between the Ticats (6-7) and the Bombers (5-8), here is how the rest of the 2009 regular season schedule shapes up for those two teams plus the Lions (7-7) and the Eskimos (6-8) who are contending to cross over into third place for the East Division playoffs:

at Mtl
at Tor
at Wpg

at Mtl

at Wpg
at Ssk

at Tor
at Cal
at B.C.