Battle Cats: Tabbies visit Lions on Sat. night

VANCOUVER — Two teams looking to get back in the win column go head-to-head when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats travel west to take on the BC Lions Saturday night.

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Will be interesting to see which Lions team shows up. The deer-in-the-headlights Lions that start the game flat, like they’re nursing hangovers? Or the fired-up team we saw at the beginning of the year? It’s almost as if the Lions are missing the inspiration that keeps them fired up game in and game out. Lucky’s been reserved this year and nobody has stepped up in his place. Adams lights a fire but he’s at the mercy of an ever weakening O-line (how is Perkins still on the team?). Perhaps the reservation comes from Campbell and the coaching staff. Whatever it is, Campbell and crew better fix it soon because, especially at this time of the season, toughness and innovation play an increasingly pivotal role in wins.


:sunglasses: At least this article has the right start time for the game tonight …7pm E.

Unlike the joke Hamilton Spectator this morning has the start time listed as 10pm !!! :roll_eyes:

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I agree about the Lions O line being inconsistent. That has to be fixed.
Even more problematic I think are the DBs. Lions have some very good ones but they have gotten caught sleeping at the wheel. Look at how Collaris of the Bombers destroyed the Lions on the opening scrimmage from their own 5 yard line. Two mega bombs and it was all over for the Lions. The DBs didn’t have a chance.
I don’t agree about your Lucky Whitehead comment. Though they aren’t playing him as much recently, the Lions still have Hatcher and Hollins. These guys are stellar receivers. And Rhymes when is us back in. Even Cottoy is doing a great job. The Lions’ receiving core is second to none with or without Lucky in my opinion.

Dane Evans has had this game circled on the calendar. Im sure Campbell will allow him in for a few series.

Imagine if the Lions made it to the Grey Cup and Dane Evans was the starting quarterback

I will be cheering on Dane, especially if the Lions are playing the dreaded Argos.

Wow… you kinda nailed it Jymn.