basically.. Maas can't run this offence.


about to go 1-7 so in my opinion please! its gotta come to an end. I honestly can't see how Chang or Williams could do worse.

Im not another "Start Chang" fan im simply just a "Sitdown Maas" Fan.

IS it Maas or is it the play calling?

It still always comes down to execution.
And Maas isn't executing.

Although the thought of execution hangs in the air somehow...

Our offense is so bad that the Als twice on 3rd and long at about mid field went for it. In the First half 3rd and ten they risked giving us the ball at our 45 and in the 4th quarter 3rd and 5 they faked a kick and gave us the ball at midfield knowing full well it doesn't matter because the offence will implode