Bashir Levingston throws helmet into stands, injures a child

I have to agree that the suspension should be taken, and once Levingston has shown that he is remorseful for his act, that should be the end of it.

I'll say this. That Hamilton fan is lucky that Levingston didn't get suspended without pay. Because if Levingston lost his pay for how ever many weeks due to suspension, he would of gotten that money back in court with the Ti-cat fan.

The injury is relvant, Moors neck is broken beacuse Burtuzie hit him HARD, the kid is not injured beacuse Levingston did not throw his helmet hard

  1. Because you did yourself in your own post......... :lol:

  2. Then I guess , I got confused by some of your comments about all of Toronto. " how ignorant are you people in TORONTO ? ...." and some other comments that you have made.

  3. YES.....and the fan is a moron.....who SPAT , on the ARGO player....and got off scott free. Where was secruity?....Another incident , also happen on that same day.

  4. I would sue..... BASHIR , the fan and the city of HAMILTON for really bad security , when they themselves admit that there is a problem when the ARGOS......... play there. :roll:

  5. You can't say that for sure , now can you?

  6. The punishment fits the crime and the result........for the ARGO....but not for that sick , pathetic , :smiley:

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TOM WRIGHT.....seems to agree with ARGOS fans. :wink: :smiley: