Bashir Levingston throws helmet into stands, injures a child

On Monday's labour day classic between the Tabbies and Argos Bashir Levingston threw his helmet at a Tabby fan after the fan had spit on him.

The helmet missed the fan and contacted and injured a child in the stands.

Albeit the injury may have been slight but it seems highly inexcusable.

Look here for Toronto fans saying it was the Tabby fan's fault that Levingston threw his helmet

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article confirming the incident

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Now I don't condone what Levingston did, but I can forgive him as it seems Toronto fans have already done.

I think this is worse than my (Bertuzzi) incident what is it with Toronto athletes throwing their equipment in the stands? First Sundin and now this. When an athlete puts the fan in danger, no matter how much of an ass they are being, in my opinion that's far more inexcuseable than what can happen on ice or on the field.

Yet Toronto once again fail to even attempt to slightly cast a negative shadow over their athletes. You are all hypocrites and should be ashamed, if you can forgive Levingston days after the incident you can god damn bloody well forgive me (Bertuzzi!)

This has already been hashed to death in another thread.

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Hey man I totally agree with the Bertuzzi incident, people are being hypocrites. I guess its the home team syndrome, can't forgive others, other than your home team players.

maybe stuff like this wouldn't happen if meatheads had some common sense and don't hock loogies on players just because they think they can get away with it. I mean what kind of mentality is that?

The only thing Bashir is guilty of is bad aim, which is probably why he catches balls instead of throwing them.

Did Bertuzzi intend to injure Moore that seriously?
Did Levingston intend to hit a kid with the helmet?

I think both these questions fall into the same category of assault causing bodily harm.

Levingston can thank his lucky stars the family of the kid he hit are more forgiving than the Moore family.


My point exactly, Bertuzzi in all likelihood never intended to injure Moore but sadly that's what happened when he lost his cool over it.

Levingston obviously did not intend to hit that kid, but look what happens when one loses their temper.

Now Bertuzzi got a ton of flack from BOTH, but not limited to, the Vancouver and Toronto media for his incident.

The Levingston incident magically went under the radar and probably wasn't even a footnote on page 10 of the next day's sports section.

This just re-enforces my and probably a lot of Vancouverites opinions on how Toronto media works.

As much as I think Levingston deserves to pay a large price for his actions I do not believe it is in the same category as Bertuzzi.


Because I believe Beruzzi's crime was premeditated. He bragged all week about how he was going to get back at Moore

what happened to the people who started this........nothing?

Did they ever find the people who started this?
Problem with that is that if it ever went to court it is not a valid defence that would clear anyone. I would think that each person would be punished according to the severity of their actions.

I also remember read that Canada has an equal force law. That is to say that is someone were to attach me with a knife I can not shoot them to defend myself. I could only stab them? Strange but true!!!

Levingston is a goddamned ass for what he did. I couldn't care less if that helmet hit an adult or a kid. The fact was he intended to cause harm. Period. My son plays football, I played football...helmets are heavy and hard, and if I threw my helmet at someone, you can be damned sure I was trying to hurt them. Levingston should be charged for what he did, and he should have been immediately suspended for the remainder of the season. Throwing a heavy, hard object like a helmet is assault with intent. There is no excuse. But typical of Toronto, they're all a bunch of goddamned hypocrites. Center of the universe ...all of them.
:evil: :evil:

ro1313 your absolutely wrong, Bertuzzi never bragged about it all week about how he was going to get back at Moore, the only time he said something was after the game when emotions were running high.

Sorry but after it happened I saw plenty of prerecorded interviews after the first incident of him saying he was going to get him

Ditto 1313 - I heard the same thing. Can't remember where, but I do recall hearing it. . .

How many games did TODD, actually miss.....and this is NOT the same thing, NOT even close. :lol:

HAMILTON... has a problem on L.D. games vs. the ARGOS , that they have admitted badly was this KID, HURT?

How many incidents, such as this one , happen in TORONTO at the rematch.?


and they go on supporting Levingston, or trying to divert with Bertuzzi (who, IMO, should have been jailed for what he did).

How badly the kid was hurt is not the issue here, the fact is a jerk-off pro-athlete lost his temper, and threw a dangerous object at a fan, an object that could have killed someone. Are you hypocrites in Toronto supporting that???

This discussion is not about what some idiot hockey player did to another idiot hockey player, but what a football player did to a fan, a non-participant!! That's what matters.

What about the criminal offense by the fans? Sptting on someone is punishable by law. Moore did absolutly nothing wrong when he hit Naslund. It was with in the rules. Levingston was spit on and lost hit temper. Though I am not condoning what he did, I can understand losing your temper over being spit on. At the heat of the moment you can do and say things you regret. Bertuzzi had a whole week to think about it, and still decided to stalk Moore and punch him, and continue to do so, as Moore layed unconcious.
What Bertuzzi did is by far in a way a lot worse than what Levingston did. I know it's your opinion on which was worse...but all I can say is, if you think the Levingston incident is even close to what Bertuzzi did, then you are simply retarded.

TODD, is a loser......he ended some ones career.........and he should be out of hockey forever.....I hope he gets sued, oh ya , he is :smiley: ........... :roll:

We all saw the results of what TODD, did......and there was NO injury to any one , in HAMILTON........give us a break and.... GO AWAY. :roll:

If I had done , what TODD did , on the street, I could be in jail. BUT, the NHL has always had a problem with this kind of things and still doesn't take it , seriously. :roll:

YOU are on very THIN ICE , comparing hockey players/fans and CFL players/fans........they are not even close. :roll:

Not quite, hellothere.

First of all, I don't give a rat's ass about hockey. I hate the game, and IMO, the players are all a bunch of over-priced prima donnas.

Secondly, Bertuzzi should be in prison for what he did. Getting away with it is bullshit, and I hope Moore wipes him out with his civil suit.

Thirdly, Bertuzzi/Moore has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT LEVINGSTON DID!. Using the B/M incident is nothing but diversion from what Levingston did. [i]Levingston threw a projectile at a fan, a CHILD, and gets away with it cleanly? and you fools support that? How ignorant are you people in Toronto? The fact is, he lost his temper, and did something where he intended to cause injury. Am I condoning the other fan that spit on him? No, but two wrongs don't make a right, and what would have happened if the child HAD been injured? Would you have STILL argued that he was justified in throwing his helmet?

If I were the coach, I would have suspended Levingston indefinitely. You cannot let players get away with this crap. I guess Toronto doesn't take assault seriously either, eh?


What would everyone here say, if the kid he hit ended up a vegtable, and in a coma the rest of his life???

Then make the comparison.

How bad does a fan need to be injured by a players actions before action should be taken? Does there need to be blood? Broken Bones? Concussion? Maybe just a hospital visit?

Or maybe you should punish the act, and not the results?

westcoastexpress has a point. It’s not a big deal because the kid wasn’t seriously injured?

Don’t really want to bring the Bertuzzi thing into it but if Bert hadn’t broken Moore’s neck, do you think his punishment from the NHL would have been the same as he is getting now.

  1. Another poster brought up........ TODD.......not me. :wink:

  2. :lol: check your own prejudice at the door. :roll: I think this has more to do with the fact that the player is from TORONTO , more than any thing else. :roll:

Are you also going to tee off at the HAMILTON web site, about their fans???????????? :roll:

  1. He didn't throw it at a child , but the guy who spat on him.....who got away with it. :roll:

  2. The child was not hurt.....SO , if ands or buts , don't count :roll:

  3. What would you have that situation.....It is easy to second guess after it happens, isn't it? :wink:

  4. The CFL has suspended him for 1 game....The ARGOS will appeal.

  1. Then why bring it up again?
  2. I've lived & worked in T.O, I have no's all fact. :wink:
  3. Don't care who he threw it at, it's who he hit, and the stupidity and lack of forethought.
  4. Question stands, how would you be reacting if the child had been seriously injured?
    4b. By your own standard, the fan that spit on him isn't to blame for anything, because he didn't hurt BL.
  5. I know exactly what I would have done...ignored it.
  6. 1 game isn't enough, it should be at least 2 or 3, and the Argos would show themselves to be a class act if they didn't appeal the decision.