Bashir Levingston should be banned from the CFL.

Not only does Bashir Levingston not belong in Canadian football, he doesn't belong in Canadian society. He should be charged and imprisoned for his tantrum after the Argos' loss on Labour Day.

As the Argos were leaving the stadium, some Ticat fans in the stands over the entrance to the dressing room were taunting them. No surprise there; even the stupidest of Argos knows to expect this. Apparently someone spit on Levingston, and while I don't condone this, Levingston's reaction was nothing short of criminal. He heaved his helmet into the crowd, but missed his intended target and hit an innocent child.

And the worst part is that the local media is portraying the fans as the bad guys, while no one is mentioning anything about possible disciplinary action against the Argo kick returner. A football helmet is a very hard, heavy object, and thrown into a crowd of people has the potential to seriously injure someone. There is no room for thugs like this in our league.

Besides criminal charges against Levingston, I also hope that the parents of the child hit by the helmet are pursuing legal action against him and the Argos. And I know if I had been there and had been fortunate enough to catch the helmet, they would get it back either when they pried it from my cold dead hands, or when they bought it from me off of eBay, or when Levingston came to get it from me, face to face, without police protection.

find an article that says he HIT a child with the helmet!

...the only thing i've read were that fans spit at him and threw garbage at him, then he threw his helmet in the crowd.

the fact that the helmet was thrown BACK at Levingston makes this story hard to believe...had your kid REALLY been HIT by a helmet, i think you would keep it as evidence, no???

that, with the fact neither,, or has a report of a KID ( or any fan, for that matter ) being HIT with the helmet, makes the BS alarm go off.

Sure Livingston Should Be Held Acountable But I Beleave Equally To Should The Fan That Spit. For Some Reason Spitting Is OKay, And Guilty Parties Never Suffer Any Reprocusions. For Example Scott Coe In Week Three. There Is No Way That The League Should Allow Spitting To Go Unpunished.

he shoud not be banned, everyone has there bad days. and the argos lost, and the fans are just making harder on them. :roll:

What would you do if someone spat on you? Taunting and jeering is all good fun, but someone spits on you, thats almost the biggest sign of disrespect. It sucks that a kid got hit, but he didn't try to hit the kid. I also havent heard anything about this.

If he threw his helmet definitely he should be punished. Yes spitting is bad and he should not be provoked but I've never seen anyone get hurt from spitting on the other hand throwing a hlemet into a crowd can cause serious injuries.

.......and equally punishable is making untrue public statements that defame someone's character.........where did you dream this little tidbit up bambee?.......please explain........

Sorry......... but this is a over re action.

Lets see..........JOHN CANDY , used to sit in the stands with the crowd and he a whole beer dumped on his head while at a game in HAMILTON.

An ARGO fan had part of his ear bitten off after a game. I have been in 3 fights.

Some people go to this one game just to cause trouble.If I was a player and some low class low life, spit on me , I would have done the same thing. GOOD for him.

None of this would have happened if the HAMILTON police had things over control. I have once tried to nice to some of these people and a small few only know, 1 sentence........." ARGOS SUCK "

It is funny that these things rarley happen at the HAMILTON games played in least not recently.........the old a different story.

Some HAMILTON fans should not be allowed in the stadium.Some HAMILTON fans are just nuts. :roll:


I know spitting is terrible and very unwarrented but throwing a helmet into a crowd and you say good for him. What if he puts that kid in the hospital. Same thing happened last year in fenway park and some baseball player threw a chair into the crowd at some guy and broke a woman’s nose. A player and anyone for that instance has to be in more control, maybe punch the guy that spit on you but don’t endanger other people around the idiot.

I do agree more security may have prevented this though.

Do you think Brahir meant to hurt a little kid.It was very stupid of him.In the heat of the moment,he went mental.Big Dave you never made a mistake.Good for you.
I don't agree with what B.L. did.I don't tolerate that from anyone.However it was a mistake.
Now for the spitting.The guy should be f$%king kicked in the balls,punched in the head and get the $shit kicked right out of him.This is one of the lowest things ever done.I don't care if it was a Ti-cat,bomber,rider,or even Argo fan.There is no need for this.This is just as bad as hitting a woman.This guy should be destroyed.Yes this pi$$es me off.It was planned.The helmet was planned too.However,I gaurantee the helmet wasn't aimed for the kid.If I was B.L. I would of taken that helmet and smashed that guy in the head a 100 times.

We are talking about spit here, right. the same spit that couldn't hurt someone if it fell on you from 10 stories up.

Not tolerated, but not worthy of a helmet thrown at you. The could do what they did to McCallums enemies and give the spitter a lifetime ban at his stadium.

Typical male!!!!


To saskargo,

You are so biased in your thoughts and opinions regarding the Argos that you are not even making sense.

Do you realize that your rant against the fan for spitting was somewhat crazed in comparison to your ho-hum reaction to a professional player injuring a small child. Surely you know what you are saying here. you need help? Do you have children of your own? Are they in danger? You are suggesting that it is okay for adults to injur children?

You are a sick weirdo...

...and to think you have the tenacity to then respond "typical male"

...please seek help - PLEASE!!!

I stopped going to games in HAMILTON......because of things like this.
The police should be at the tunnel were the ARGOS go off the field.
And no kid was hurt.

I don't agree with what B.L. did.He should be fined and suspended. I hope the kid is O.K. It is very sad that he hit the kid.
I'm saying this fan who spit on him should be smashed around,and destroyed.I don't care if he was a ti-cat fan,rider,als,lions,or even a argo fan.
If a Argo fan did that.I would be kicking and scratching.

What kind of person spit on a player ? Its just too bad the helmet (if the story is true) miss the punk and hit the kid. The spitter should be ban of CFL games, ban from the stadiums, and BL, unfortunatly should be fined.

I don't get why anyone would spit on any player. I'd be glad to interact with just about any CFL player whether he's an Alouette or not.

On October 15, I'll be sitting two rows behind the Eskimo bench at Commonwealth. I am not a fan of the Eskimos as a team, but if I get the chance to exchange some words with a player or two, it would be an honour for me. I wouldn't waste the opportunity by trash talking or lacking respect for the guys.

You may hate a team because its your archrival, or because it threathens your own potential spot in the playoff. But you can't really hate the guys who give their best to give us such good shows every week. And if, for some reason, there really is a player you dislike, just don't interact with him.

......the FAN960 confirmed this morning the Argos are reporting that Bashir contacted a child and his parents in the Hamilton area yesterday evening to apologise for an incident after the game this last Monday......something tells me it wasn't over his kick return abilities or that his last name is difficult to spell..........

heres the PROOF i was requesting....he did, infact hit a boy with the helmet

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