Bashir Levingston released!

:o Holy Crap! they cut levingston!

Wow! What a shocker!! While he hasn't had a great season, he's not done!!!

...i guess Dorsey done him in/////Brashir is still a very talented returner....only one dimensional though...probably cost him....someone will pick him up... :roll:

He did return one for a TD this year. Also had the bad fumble which may have sealed the deal.
And all before the guaranteed salary date of Sept. 1.
May we see other such casualties from other teams today.

plz brendan taman release aj3 and sign bashir levingston!!!!

The one major knock on Levingston the past couple of seasons is that he's been more of an east-west returner instead of a north-south one. I guess Pinball had enough, so with the addition of Dorsey and "Da Third" (Bruce) handling returns, Bashir's days in Double Blue were numbered.

the argos are idiots and have made bash a scapegoat for this terrible season.

last years scapegoat: kent austin
this years scapegoat: bash

how is avery still on the team?????

AJ3 isn't flashy, but he gains positive yardage most of the time.

Levingston has this nasty habit of running backwards 15 yards trying to get open, instead of running forward 5. I suspect thats the real problem, too often he puts the Argos in a hole.

He definately was fun to watch either way!

maybe its time to release the pinball? :cowboy: maybe he is the problem

Taman says thanks but no thanks

cough Montreal cough