Bashir Levingston released by Argos said Ted Michaels on the 4:00 pm CHML newscast link yet that I can find....

No surprise really. The guy's lost it as a kick returner. And with the new SMS, you'll see a bunch of veterans being cut this week for salary reasons.

Automatic calls for the TiCats to sign him in 3...2...1...

No, you need a kick returner who is going to run TOWARDS the opposition goal line.

An Argo-Cat fan

was ALWAYS overrated

Could throw a mean helmet though. :wink:

Lol him and Gass should have a showdown

could be an effective coverguy? hes position on the argos Depth chart was DB. who knows really.

Can't see the Cats getting him considering they just got Armstead, who's as good as a receiver and way more versatile as a player than Levingston.

I gotta go along with this :thup:

I'm looking forward to seeing if Armstead can fill the bill!

There is no more room on rosters for return specialists or kickers who can't punt/place kick. That's why Armstead is such a jewel. He's a legitimate returner and receiver.

Bashir may have lost a step but he's still faster then most returners in the league.
I think he still has some jam left and will turn up somewhere before the seasons over. But I can see the Argos point at this time. Bruce and Dorsey can do the job and double at other positions. This also lets them carry another import at other positions, where ever one is needed to back up.
But Bashir could sure light it up in his prime. He's still good but I think he has lost a step. Good luck to him in the future, he is/was an exciting player to watch.

What are you talking about??? The roster size has expanded in recent years from 37 active players to what, 42 now? I agree multi-talented guys are great to have, but you can certainly afford a couple of specialists on the team.

For example, Winnipeg for years ran with 2 kickers, Bob Cameron and Troy Westwood and Edmonton carried Gizmo Williams as a kick returner. (Gizmo was never much of a receiver, though that was technically his position.) Both of these examples happened with smaller rosters, so with the new roster size, you can definitely have a couple of specialists if you need them.

A couple of things about Bashir. He's got around 10 kick returns for TDs. This tells me a couple of important things. First, he's been around a while to get that many. And second, he had lots of great blocking (which our team is seriously lacking). So I think it's pointless to bring him, or any kick return specialist, if we can't block.

There are a whole lot of things this team can't do so do we give up on all positions? Sign the guy.


i don't think he'll be picked up here.
i know it was at least two regimes ago — we average about one regime per season, don't we? — but when bashir fired his helmet into the crowd in the east end zone and was suspended, it was said by hamilton management that he would never, ever play for hamilton, no way, no how.
besides we got enough me-first return guys ...



here is a story out of saskatchewan about jason armstead. this is what i was referring to ...

Sounds like things could get ugly with him here, unless he starts getting the ball.